So Mimi Faust Admits The Obvious or Nah?

mimi faust,
#lhhatl alum and porn tape pimpstress,
has something to allegedly admit to everyone…

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta cast member, Mimi Faust, has finally confessed that her alleged “leaked sex tape” featuring her boyfriend, Nikko Smith, was staged. Faust claims the sextape was filmed in a hotel downtown Atlanta with a professional film crew of about five. As most have already suspected, Faust claims the sextape was produced with the hopes of acclaiming fame like the leaked sextapes of socialites Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. Initially, Faust and Smith claimed that their leaked sextape was a result of stolen bag from a Bahamas airport which contained the scandalous footage. Now Mimi Faust has opened up about the tasteless sextape, “I just wanted to find a way to stay relevant and make some major cash for my family’s security,” she says. Prior to the release of the sextape, producers of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta were considering getting rid of Mimi Faust because her character was “too boring and bland”. 

Sources claim that Mimi Faust, ex-girlfriend of hit maker Stevie J, is very jealous of the attention one cast mate in particular. “She was tired of all the attention this one particular cast mate was receiving and wanted to upstage her this season”, claims Faust’s close associate. We can only assume she is speaking of rapping Puerto Rican princess and now wife of Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez, but that has not been confirmed. Faust has stated that she now regrets the sextape and hope to buy back the rights from Vivid Entertainment, a leading pornographic film production company. “I am ashamed of myself and I owe my daughter, friends, family and fans an apology for my poor attempt to gain super stardom,” says Mimi Faust.





oprah02OH MY GOD NOOO!!!

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5 thoughts on “So Mimi Faust Admits The Obvious or Nah?

  1. Mimi is no different then the countless men and women trying to gain fame on FB, Instagram, Xtube and pornhub whether thru thirst traps. amateur sex videos, “fitness videos” where they’re doing nothing but bouncing pecs or showing bodies off we live in that age unfortunately and in regards to Paris Hilton and Kim K both came from wealth…Kim K father was one of the head prosecutors in the OJ case and PAris Hilton family inveted the hilton hotel franchise so those woman basically made sextapes just to be seen not to get money to survive…BIG difference…I commend her for being real and just keeping it 100 and admitting the facts…although i felt she didn’t have to do it i guess when the producers were threatening to cut her off she did what she had to do to keep a meal ticket coming for her family especially since stevie j sorry ass ain’t stepping up to the point..And i feel Nikko talked her into it as well since he needed to get ‘put on’ in regards to his reputation against the gay rumors…I can’t really hate her or blame her though because lord knows i have done some shady shit for cash (never made a sextaope) but i did some illegal shit twice before, once when my family (my sister and her children) was hungry and food was scarce and another when I was facing an eviction…when you’re out on the limb morals and shit goes out the window and survival kicks in…I’m glad i’ve lived and learned not to go to those extremes these days but this just shows me how evil this is they were going to cut her off because her life was bland…she wasnt a prostitute or a stripper with a foul mouth so they were going to cut her…the entertainment industry is godless and hopeless in 2014

  2. I am in disbelief. Mimi is too old for that, and she has lost all the respect I had or her. Attention whoring at 43? Really?

  3. If you believed the cover of the private video being stolen, then you either know nothing about filmaking or believe in the tooth fairy. She admitted the obvious.

    There are rumors that Mimi and Nikko are having problems in their relationship. Perhaps that prompted her to re-think doing XXX.

    Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are white chicks. They go by a different standard than black chicks, stupid.

  4. For real… !?

    Paris Hilton and Kim K really got these chicks thinking they can get rich & famous for spreading em. Lest we not forget Laurence Fishburne’s daughter.

    The show was going to fade eventually. Hell, ask New York from the Flavor of Love does fame from reality TV fade. Shows eventually get stale and everyone moves on to the next fad. She must have a very immature mind to have done this so she could keep her spot on that whack ass show. Girl, you had a legit money making business. Your daughter’s future was already secure. Funny thing is, I found her more boring this season because she was such a Debbie downer with this leaked sex-tape storyline.

    We all know Mona was apart of the film crew. 😉

    1. Hell yeah Mona was apart of the film crew, probably booked the hotel room and did Mimi’s makeup as well. Lol

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