stud lesbians are better at being dl? (mimi faust ex, ty, was alleged smashing…)

Why is it that stud lesbians get a pass for taking down all the sexy vixens?

i knew a stud who was so sexy.
she was short,
had a short fade,
and dressed like every inch of fuckboi.
she had a good job too but ima be 100…

She was eating em all up like Ms Pacman.
Eating all the pretty vixens on the low.

she showed me her strap-on and the shaft was breaking off.
that is how much cutty cat she was getting.


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INTERVIEW: Johnny Crome “Lies and Hiphop Atlanta”

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 8.27.56 PMwell johnny crome let loose tonight on #lhhatl!!!
you know johnny crome.
he was the friend of nikko that made his quick debut last season.
well he came back to #lhhatl tonight with guns a blazing.
(and not his arms).
he let mimi know exactly about who she was dealing with.
well johnny and i had a nice interview because i had some questions.
so he spilled the beans on nikko,
how he felt about k michelle disrespecting his life,
and why he might vanish forever
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So Mimi Faust Admits The Obvious or Nah?

mimi faust,
#lhhatl alum and porn tape pimpstress,
has something to allegedly admit to everyone…
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The Sex Put Me To Sleep (and Not In The Way I Liked)


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Mimi and Nikko: The Winners of Ratchet?

tumblr_n4elfgvVyi1qhf9blo1_400so the sextape everyone has been waiting for has been released.
you can finally masturbate to #LHHPORN.
shit people who don’t even watch the show talkin about their sex tape.
even old people.
i’m sure everyone and their mama is trying to be the first to upload it to their sites.
well not so fast!
vivid is not playing with this one according to tmz
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Break My Shower Rod Baby!

0416-home-depot-twitter-3a shower rod is 79 bucks these days?
that’s that industrial strength brand.
well thanks to mimi and nikko,
everyone wants to “sexcerise” in the shower now.
it looks like there is gonna be a lot of broken hips and pregnant bellies this summer.
has anyone started the copy cat videos yet?
put in comment box for further review.
oh and nikko made a song about the shower rod sex as well.
it’s called “shower rod”.
how creative?…
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