Break My Shower Rod Baby!

0416-home-depot-twitter-3a shower rod is 79 bucks these days?
that’s that industrial strength brand.
well thanks to mimi and nikko,
everyone wants to “sexcerise” in the shower now.
it looks like there is gonna be a lot of broken hips and pregnant bellies this summer.
has anyone started the copy cat videos yet?
put in comment box for further review.
oh and nikko made a song about the shower rod sex as well.
it’s called “shower rod”.
how creative?…

nuansis he serious?
i mean he is always trying to make whatever it is happen.
not even working for ya playboy.
he needs to either make a sexcerise video or slang pipe.
this music “thing” is not gonna happen.
thanks anyway!

lowkey: i hear they made 5 mill off this tape.
that can’t be true,

picture taken: tmz

8 thoughts on “Break My Shower Rod Baby!

  1. You guys are forgetting that they have to pay taxes on it. Surprisingly, Steve Harvey broke it down on his show ($125,000) they’re supposedly receiving.

  2. Only $100,000. That’s $50k each. That’s not much money for Mimi who supposedly is a successful businesswoman. On the other hand, that’s quite a bit of money for Nikko if he is “as advertised” an unsucessful “rapper”. And by doing the video, he may remove or lessen the “taint” or rumor that he’s gay or bisexual. That amount of money may “tide” him over for a year or two and by then he’s on to sex the next woman–or man and he and Mimi may be ancient history –and he can try to ride the notoriety of the tape/ porno video to his 15 minutes of fame. So this tape/porno video may prove to be a good deal for Nikko and a bad deal for Mimi.

  3. She should have come out with her own line…the MimiRod. She should have planned that before she let that video so it could all be done in one fell swoop…the video release, the press conference where she unveils the MimiRod…LOL

  4. It is going to be a long summer man. Shit, if I had a dude, the minute I saw the trailer, my ass would have been in the car going to Home Depot. I’d have that shit mounted by the evening and his ass would be hanging from it by midnight.

    I heard they made 100,000 lol.

  5. The $5 mill they made was said to be false. It was said by the company that they were paid a hundred thousand ($100,000)

    1. I’m sure they will get a cut from each tape sold.I think they can probably make a half of million.Their tape looks ten times better than Kim K Ray J tape.

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