MEAT: (587)

tumblr_n2749qPP2Q1s9o4zjo1_1280he is handsome and all that good stuff.
well it wasn’t his face that really got my attention on my tumblr wall.
it was this…

Nicki_tounge_licki would lick the sweat out of each crevice.
i’m sure something like that would feel real nice on top of ya.

lowkey: tumblr saying he has a fat pipe to match those fat tits.
the thought alone made me delirious.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “MEAT: (587)

  1. I don’t even care about the pipe. All I care about are those tits!

    When I saw his face, he reminded me of this older dude I used to crush on when I was a confused gay child. Same skin-tone, same nose piercing, same line-up. But the dude I crushed on didn’t have a body like that tho.

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