this week has been a tough week for me…

between a ton of work,
that vp trying to be on my ass over little shit,
and other chaos happening at given moments,
i had to go stand in a conference room and woosah a few times.
i wanted to say “fuck it all” with a little bit of alcohol.
after work,
that is.
as soon as i got off at my stop,
i walked my happy ass over to the likka sto’.
i got me a bottle of moscato,
and some fruit punch.

tumblr_lqjvah13Hi1qhw9a0yeahhhhh buddy.

i also decided to stop at the grocery store to buy some groceries.
my fridge has been bare for a little while,
plus i had nothing to eat for dinner tonight.
hell tomorrow and the next day.
and the day after that.
aight bet.
so i go get some stuff at pathmark,
50 dollars worth,
and i head to my spot.
ready to put on some music and turnnnnnnnn up.
i get to my building and the elevator isn’t working.
okay so i go take the stairs.
i get up almost all the stairs of the 6th floor and shit happens.
why did the bag handles rip out my hand,
the one with the bottles in it,
and they all go flying down the stairs.
why did all the bottles break,
my chicken busts open,
and everything was a crime scene at the bottom of the stairway?

kevin-garnett-angry-gifwhen i say i was TIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?
there goes 50 dollars worth of likka down the drain.
well down the stairs.
i had to go clean all that shit up while trying not to scream.
now that i’ve calmed down,
i guess i’ll go get another bottle and buy some more chicken tomorrow.
no use crying over split alcohol.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Break(Down)”

  1. Oh my gosh! You and your luck.

    A few days ago I was going off the deep end until I realized i needed a damn drink.

    You need to just… I don’t know. I’d be hitting the wall if that happened to me. I’d probably scream too. So you’re not gonna eat anything?

    You need to go listen to some soothing meditation music. Hell, that’s what I need to do.

  2. I think the whole alcohol bottles and chicken thing happen because is today is Good Friday and you’re not suppose to eat meat nor drink except water.

  3. It sounds like you missed the lesson in this one. You dropped $50 worth of food. Cleaned it up. And then said I guess I have to go buy another bottle and some more chicken tomorrow. 6 months ago, you would have been devastated by that loss. Had to wait a while for extra money to come around hoping nothing pops up inbetween then. But today, you can shrug your shoulders and pick up where you left off. You have come a long way since deciding to clean up your vibration.

  4. this past week has been horrible for me had some real bad news that really set me back church service tonight was cool though…so at this point i’m just like i guess i just have to keep pushing i could use a stiff drink and a nice body to cuddle with right now

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