Well Great Scott! ( B Scott, That Is)

b-scott-before-and-after-at-the-bet-awardsso remember this b scott scandal at the bet awards last year?
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b scott was screaming “discrimination” because he had to change his outfit.
went on a social media tangent and followed up by suing bet.
“discrimination” is what they called it.
well the judge made a decision on the discrimination and well…

BET can dress its hosts however the hell it wants — even if that means forcing a transgender person to dress like a man — and that’s why the judge threw out B. Scott‘s discrimination lawsuit.

TMZ broke the story, Scott sued the network, claiming it humiliated him during the BET Awards last year by forcing him to change from women’s clothes into men’s clothes … and then yanking him off the show entirely.

But the judge in the case just ruled in the network’s favor, dismissing the lawsuit.

The judge ruled BET has the 1st Amendment right to run its shows the way it wants … and that includes ordering Scott to change from women’s to men’s clothes … and that’s that.

Scott tells TMZ, “It disheartens me that the message sent today wasn’t a message of acceptance, but rather it’s acceptable to discriminate against transgender individuals on the basis of their gender identity and expression.”

Scott’s attorney has said he plans to appeal the decision.

i thought he wasn’t “transgendered” until this all happened?

i knew what i was talkin’ about tho.
if you felt some kind of way then you wouldn’t have done the show.
point blank and simple.
bet was kinda stupid as well.
what did they expect?
did they not research b scott’s dossier?

google app bet.
download it to each of your employees phones.
lets hope this doesn’t mess b up trying to host anything again.
can the mariah carey alliance score another hosting gig?
we shall soon see.

lowkey: if i was scott,
i’d let this one go and move on.

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7 thoughts on “Well Great Scott! ( B Scott, That Is)

  1. I’m confused. So why did BET hire B Scott if they were gonna discriminate/humiliate him? And like you mentioned B doesn’t come off as someone transgender. He reminds me of Miss Lawrence and Derek J, gay men who don’t identify with traditionally male fashion, nothing more or less.

    1. ^…and rolled down a fell.
      i wonder if he’ll watch bet in the future?
      his blog depends a lot on pop culture.
      viacom owns bet and vh1.
      this should be interesting.

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