B Scott: Come Up or Calm Down?

tumblr_llax9wJHXI1qh36i0o1_500b scott is still flippin mad over that little incident from the bet awards.

x read here for an update

well he wants them to still feel all his wrath.
what he gonna do?
sue em right to hell.
2.5 million dollars worth of brimstone…

B. Scott — an openly gay transgender person — is suing BET, claiming the network humiliated him during the recent BET Awards by yanking him off the show because he was wearing women’s clothes.

Scott claims in his lawsuit — obtained by TMZ — he was hired to be the Style Stage Correspondent for the pre-show in June.  At the beginning of the show, Scott claims he was wearing a flowing black tunic and black pants … which he says were approved by BET honchos.

Scott claims after the first segment of the pre-show, he was pulled backstage and told his garb wasn’t acceptable.  Scott says he was ordered to “mute the makeup, pull back his hair” and remove the women’s wear … which included heels.

Scott says they forced him to change into men’s clothing [see below].  Nonetheless … Scott says he was still 86’d from the show and replaced by Adrienne Bailon.

my opinion?
well here goes it:

bet/viacom was his boss.
at any job they can tell you change something without a moments notice.
how many people been sent home for not following dress code?
yes they knew what they were getting into,
but if he agreed to change the outfit then….

this maybe a case of “you little person on totem pole”.
maybe i need more thoughts on this because i’m baffled.

lowkey: didn’t he get paid for his services,
get an apology,
and deposit it into his bank account?
b careful b.
you could win this case and lose your reputation.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “B Scott: Come Up or Calm Down?”

  1. I don’t believe it was an official apology. More like: it was a miscommunication error on both parties end and we are still looking into it blah blah.

  2. 2.5 million dollars though? *throws head back and laughs* He’s always lets his emotions get the best of him. I mean were they holding a gun to his head? Did they threaten him? Did they beat his ass backstage?

    1. ^how i see it….
      he sold his soul.
      selling your soul is doing something you know you DONT want to do,
      but you did it anyway.
      he DIDNT want to do it,
      but he still did it for self promotional purposes.

  3. the first thing those gang of viacom lawyers is going to ask him is:

    you did it the assignment,
    got paid for the gig,
    but then went on twitter and complained about unfair treatment.
    if you felt so insulted,
    your feelings were hurt,
    then why didn’t you walk off and not do it?

    1. this is the outfit here:


      they asked him to put on a tux.
      its not like they said put on timbz and rock a fitted.
      it still looks feminine in attire + that necklace.
      whats really the beef b?

  4. Ah man, here we go. The awards were over a month ago. Nothing, someone is whispering in his ear telling him to pursue legal action.

  5. Most importantly B Scott’s gender expression was compromised. The professionalism displayed by comin thing the segment was upheld. At what point does our “inclusive” community of gender and sexually diverse people, stand up for each other. This is extremely political and it needs to help progressive relationships between the LGBTQ community and media outlets. I expect solidarity unfortunately from the comments, I see one dimensional acceptance of gender identity expression. Don’t put B Scott in a box just like the rest of heteronormative society. Never dim your light or concede without a fight

    1. Dimming light ain’t got nothing to do with it. THEY hired him. They have fill control of what he does. He is representing their company and if they tell him to change then there should be no questions asked. He was still in full make up, nails painted, and looking like a chick.

      1. So in other words trans identified people have no rights in how they express there gender identity. Miss me with that shit! B. Scott conceded for professionalism, despite how offensive and disrespectful BET/Viacom were to transgendered community.

      2. NOPE. If he was so mad, he wouldn’t have done the show. He would have given them back their money and took a stand about it. Instead he is in a picture giggling with Mimi and having people retweet the issue. He had no problem taking that CHECK from that horrible company who did him injustice.

    2. Do you feel that any LGBT person who is given a dress code should be able to sue an employer or does this only apply to TG people,just curious?

      1. If I hire you AS A MAN and you come to work, eye brows arched and giggling and doing ALL that, I WILL LET YOU GO – if my clients are somewhat PERTURBED by your “nuisance”

    3. Please, don’t bore anyone with this rigamarole-ish comments. This has nothing to do with heteronormativity it has to do with sense – common one. Antw’an goes to work, gets told that to work here you clean up your face tats, neck tats and cut that crap you call dreads – Antw’an does it and then 1 month later bitches about how he was “humiliated” for being told to loose “niggerishness” then sues for 2.5 million.
      Good luck “Ant’wan”

      1. Davon, you have some issue, bruh. Keep your opinion about dreads to yourself. It is bad enough that you hate most gays and issues surrounding it.

  6. But if he is legally identified as a “transgendered” person…B.Scott has a case. Silly or not.

    S/N the outfit with the blazer looked better anyway.

    1. I don’t think B is TG I think he is a Gay man who is adrogynous.I have never heard him called her.I compare him to Laurence and That other Gay guy on RHOA who wear makeup,heels and female clothes.IF he is TG I will use female pronoun from now on.BTW he was called He on RC.Adrienne ,who is an idiot I just started watching her on The Real,asked someone how does he(B Scott) look on that pre show.

    2. He DOES NOT. SO far as the REASON behind their recommendation was not a “Gay thing”. Did they ever say we don’t like transgendered? Does the “common man” think that was an offense to “the transgendered community”, if so is B.scott in a “capacity” to represent the “trans community”. Is “Al sharpton” the official “black spokesman” – if he is offended is the black race offended?

  7. He’s a delusional fag, who needs a sit. He needs to get lessons from perez hilton, marc jacobs, dior, versace and those other “super gays” on how to “stand your ground” . He’s just a messy black fag and will not get 2.5 million nothing. Next

  8. @Perfectingme – Now I have issues because i made an EXAMPLE with dreads? The way you guys just assume things is amazing.

    I could care less about dreads,in my EXAMPLE – KEYWORD “EX-AM-PLE” – the general consensus of the corporate world cares. I’ve known and know people with dreads

    Besides do you have things you prefer? Ex – a big ass over a small one, a fit guy over a fat one, a humble guy over a cocky one, a masculine guy over a feminine one?

    I guess you do, do you have issues because you prefer those? I’m assuming not.

  9. Some are you all are doing the most. B is not trans and I agree that this has gotten out of order. Maybe, this suit was in the process and its just now gaining public attention again. I think that the amount he is asking for is to much though. He needs return his focus back to himself and make himself better.

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