dead_souls_by_culpeo_fox-d3h9mvoi already been hurt.
i already been crying.
i already been talked about.
i already been abused.
i already been spit on.
i already been laughed at.
i already been bullied.
i already been replaced.
i already been betrayed.
i already been lied about.
i already been lied to.
i already been low.
i already been hit the floor.
should i keep going?
yup i will…
i already been lost everything.
i already been homeless.
i already been embarrassed.
i already been humiliated.
i already been dismissed.
i already been left behind.
i already been had my feelings hurt.
i already had my heart broken.
i already been broke.
i already been had anxiety attacks.
i already been attempted suicide.
i already been lost my parents.
i already been lost my best friend.
i already made up in my mind that i got nothing to lose now.

i watched td jakes sermon about you can recover from a fall.
i felt what he said.
i fell off,
rolled down a hill,
and landed somewhere in some new forest.
it is a dark and scary place.
i’m battered and bruised,
but i’m dragging my ass back up the mountain.
yeah buddy.
i got to get up there now.
it’s about that time espeically after today.
ain’t nothing more dangerous as someone who is making a comeback.
you really ain’t seen nothing until you fucked with someone who got nothing to lose.
welcome to this new chapter v in my life:


i know my foxes,
and hybrids got my back.
i ain’t worried bout nothin.

closer_by_sashahely-d39fugv_zpsc71eb8cblowkey: all those people who hurt me,
left me alone,
talked about me,
and made me feel pain in any way.
i’m coming to collect your fuckin’ head.

excerpts taken from: td jakes you can recover from a fall part one / part two
photo taken from: =culpeo-fox / h-e-l-y

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “CHAPTER V: THE COMEBACK”


    You sound fed up. That means people better start running. They thought they could hold you down. I am ready for this new chapter. I feel something good is going to happen for you!!!

  2. we got your back jf. your shit is starting to circulate now on the internet. people are discussing your work and its getting positive reviews so keep it up.

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