So You Thought You Were Depressed? Well Go To The Unemployment Office

that was the first thing that popped out my mouth this morning.
i pressed snooze way too much this morning.
i had to be at the unemployment office at 10am.
it was currently 925am….

i jumped up,
threw on my clothes,
and ran out the door.
thank god i ironed my outfit last night.
white t,
grey jeans,
and black and white nike dunks.
accessorized with a few bracelets.
my day was already starting out to be “one of those days”.
thank god the office was close.
i had no choice but to take cab.
when i arrived,
i signed in and sat down.
the crowd was mixed of black and spanish.
some older folks,
baby mamas,
and no one of interest.
no one remotely attractive besides me.
i can have a cocky moment once in a while.
they brought us in a room and made us watch a boring ass video.
i played candy crush most off the time.
i can’t even begin to tell you what was said.
after we were done,
we had to wait in the waiting room to be called by our recruiters.
the waiting room tho…
this young chick decided to blast meek mill’s entire album from her phone.
i wanted to take the phone,
press vibrate,
and shove it down her throat.
some fat dude decided he wanted to eat a egg and cheese sandwich.
this african dude decided he wanted to yell at someone on his phone in his language.
hood chicks lip smackin’ about their relationship woes.
hood niggas i swear…

“how long have you been outta work?” this older lady who sat next to me asked.
“about a year and some change.”
“wow this economy i tell ya…”

she told me about why she was fired from her job.
“laid off” is what they told her.
she also felt the new boss had it out for her.
i started sharing my story,
but i was next to go in.
this fat bitch with purple hair treated me like some number.
she was also very rude too.
i tried to throw some jokes,
ya know charm the bitch a little,
and she just wasn’t having it.
she threw some job searches at me,
told me contact them,
and if i had any questions to call her.
bitch i ain’t callin u.
none of the jobs on that sheet remotely were of interest.
some job upstate that would be a bitch to get too?
was she crazy?
i got up and as i was leaving,
the lady who was sitting next to me was coming in.
she started saying something to me when fat purple bitch said:

“um can you take this conversation somewhere else?”

tumblr_m2r094PH4a1r1regpo1_400i wanted to say:


i tried my damndest not to show my “color” today.

“you’ll be okay”, i said outloud with heavy attitude,
before huggin’ the lady and making my exit.

when i walked outside,
i couldn’t help but wonder about where my life has gone.
two years ago i was working at a job i loved,
making good money,
and no cares in the world.
today i was treated like a hood rat,
forced to listen to meek mill,
and given shit that my skills and qualifications are way past.
instead of feeling sad,
i felt more empowered and motivated than anything.
this is not my final destination.
i want to try my hardest not to see that fat purple bitch again.
it’s about to inspire my next entry in a few minutes too…

stay tuned.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “So You Thought You Were Depressed? Well Go To The Unemployment Office”

  1. Omgg @ “show my color” I haven’t heard anybody say that in a long time lmao. Talkin like my great grandma.

    I cannot stand when someone has an attitude at their job. She was treating you like you’re the reason she got that stank ass job.

    1. ^lol star fox and i use to joke because his mama says that a lot.
      she even said it when I saw her at church two weeks ago.
      everything with her is “don’t make me show my color today”.

      it was ridiculous.
      that whole experience was an eye opener.

      1. as talented as you are maybe it’s time to look to other entertainment cities….

        TPS is always hiring……. lol

        1. ^i would actually like a career in entertainment doing what I love.
          not assisting or working at a desk.
          tps as I heard likes creative control over his stuff.
          i hear he is no joke to work with.

  2. That office sounded ratchet as fuck lol. You’ll get a job man. Keep you head up. Your blessing is coming, trust me.

  3. Wow you definately had an experience. And like you I can not stand when some treats me like nothing. Good job at keeping your cool with that lady. Good that you transition that feeling you had. Stay inspired. You got this.

  4. Great. I am glad it ended with you INSPIRED – that is all that matters. I went to court over a traffic issue when I had a guy hit my car and I vowed never to be in a court again – the “people” there – ugh…made me vow to push harder and never to be one of those “Yh yo I just got outta jail mah nigga fah ril” dudes.


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