Lemme Wash My Sheets Because They Got Years Of Cum Stains On Em

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 6.56.46 PMone of my vet foxholers sent me some videos he wanted me to watch.
it was from juanita bynum and its called, “no more sheets”.
ive heard of her,
but never listened to anything she did.
i decided to watch them today and well…

…she was going good until she said this shit at the :02 second mark:

178633282can i get an amen?
after i watched,
i had a couple questions go through my mind.
i know that the message was for vixens,
but can foxes/wolves/and hybrids take something from it as well?
i started to wonder:

Are our sheets just filthy?

lets be honest for a second.
in the community,
we let any and everyone get a piece.
sex parties.
back alleys.
glory holes.
so much so that after a while,
we are left completely empty.
we had so much dicks in us,
that we start basing our acceptance on that.
its sad that having a fat ass and a nice body means we are accepted.
accepted sexually and not even to be locked down.
fucked hard and thrown out wet.
so we keep fuckin’ hopefully someone actually likes us enough after.
well some.
the rest just go on a fuckin’ tour until they all fucked out.

i was feelin’ juanita on her sermon,
but listen i love sex.
good sex.
toe curling mind blowing “fix his ass some breakfast” sex.
…but that don’t mean i give my body to everyone.
i really want “he stuck around after the sex” kind of sex.
my issue is i DON’T give it to anyone which leads to getting frustrated.
i’m not trying to meet the wolf of my dreams
and my booty hole looks like it has been in a knock down,
drag out fight with a couple big ass thug dicks in a alley.
just hangin’ out and flappin in the wind.
i spread em and i could literally use them as a parachute.
naw i’m good here.
so i had to ask:

Should we start divorcing our bootyholes/dicks?


Should we choose who we fuck a lot better?

tumblr_mmcuapOFWs1qi857wo2_250…what’s it gonna be?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

54 thoughts on “Lemme Wash My Sheets Because They Got Years Of Cum Stains On Em”

  1. I have to divorce my booty hole. I let too many men i thought would be my man cum inside me being foolish. This was sent right on time.

  2. Choose better people to fuck. You don’t fuck everyone. Every dude is not good enough for me to give them the dick. They all don’t deserve it. You have to start making these niggas earn to privilege to sleep with you. It’s that simple.

    OMG. That dude’s hole in that gif. I can safely say that will never happen to me. Good Luck guys…got to go now lol.

  3. YESSSSSSS!!!!!!

    Juanita speaks the truth. I cried wen she cried. We as gays need to be more choosey with who we fuck. I hate the excuse we are men so we are suppose to fuck everyone. This is why have the country is suffering with HIV. My booty hole has Jamari says is a diamond mine. They don’t let just anyone dig inside a diamond mine.

  4. Goodnight everyone. I was scared to return to this site again after being chased out, but the spirit lead me back. I showed me pastor this site and he was blown away by the aggressive sexual nature. He spoke about this website during Sunday sermon. We sent many prayers which is why the owner was lead to the wonderful Juanita Bynum and her word. I have to watch my questions on this website because people get so offended but why are gay men so sexually aggressive? Is it lack of father figures? The streets? Not understanding the Bible?

    1. Lmao. Why are you guys bothered by Deborah? Like seriously she’s amusing. I can’t. She’s a ki.

      And yes you have to be selective on who you let in. It’s funny when you don’t give up the d or ass & how done certain people will be with you. Treat your body like the temple it really is, gay black men.

      1. Mother Deb is a KiKi… But most sheep are, they only know the information they’ve been taught, so you can’t blame them for not understanding. Anyone that is not a gay man will never understand this lifestyle, because its way more than sleeping with someone of the same sex. It took me many years to realize that I’m not the baddest bitch, I’m not the reincarnation if foxy brown, but that I’m just a man who loves men, that wants to be loved by a man… I’m a person just like any other hetero, homo, tranny… I have feelings, and I want them to be respected

      2. The same thing I keep echoing, yet today all of a sudden you all want a sermon for it. When I say it when you are all throwing out lewd remarks – i’m the bad one, what happened today?

    2. Ms. Deborah…. I was raised Christian, in a Christian home and have a Muslim father… It’s not just the gays that are sexually aggressive, we live in a sexually aggressive society.. It’s the world that we live in where things that were once a disgrace, have become laughing matters. We have become desensitized to negative behaviors.. It’s no longer a straight or gay issue, its a people issue… God didn’t, and doesn’t make mistakes. I am who I am, and I know whose I am. When the judgement day comes I will stand alone, no one will be there with me.. I love my god, and I know that he loves me in all forms, my homosexuality is no different than lies, lust, greed, adultery, sloth, or any of the many sins that ppl commit on a daily basis… I know where I stand, and what I stand for, my foundation is strong and does not waver..thanks for the prayers, because we all need them… So you be encouraged

      1. Good evening Richiebornrich. You are the first who puts the Lord first. After reading these entries, and even observing my gay friend, I always get the impression gay men are only used for sexual gratification. You all are never in healthy relationships or speak about the love of your lives. It seems like a waste of time brothers.I was so shocked that it went to sleeping with a man of the faith for gratification. Why is it sex first? Is it lack of worship? I really believe once you turn your lives to Christ you will find love and it may just be with a woman to have your children. Don’t you all want children?

    3. Deborah girl, you better check which spirit is leading you to this den of sin. I’m starting to think you like it here. hmmmm………

      1. Good evening Atl. I believe that God lead me here to learn about your lifestyle, ask questions, and provide a new perspective for your minds.

    4. Miss Little Debbie, gays are no more sexual than heterosexuals. Please open your eyes to the truth. Guys are more visual and you are dealing with two guys. Next please and talk about the plight of the black community next Sunday which is poverty, lack of education and the loss of a sense of community in the black community. All love but you are at the beginning of your journey to truth no matter your age.

      1. Good evening perfectigMeB. We pray for everything at service. The world is in torment and you can tell its the last days by everything that is going on. I believe the gay community is a mystery and my brothers in this life need to open their eyes. All this smut leads to unhappiness and bitterness. We delivered a gay a few weeks ago and he is making steps to finding the perfect mate in a woman. He said this lifestyle brings nothing but pain. It was emotional as Pastor tried to pray that torment out of him. I would tell him this site so he can mentor but it may make him backslide.

    5. The theory I hold:

      The cycle of the sexually “aggressive nature” may stem from a repression. Since gay men may have been taught to repress their urges and sexual feelings they are usually over reacting (i.e pouring out all those pent up feelings at once). Eg. A guy sees a girl with a nice “curve”, he remarks almost immediately and unconsciously “damn that ass”, now a guy can’t do that openly to another guy thus he represses it. So when he does get the opportunity online or in person it is all out. Not all strippers lack father figures (Fishbourne’s daughter is in porn – she comes from a famous, well-to-do, father-equipped family) likewise gay men. Some have fathers like all other men and some don’t like some other men. Being gay has nothing to do with fatherhood. Just as being a criminal may have nothing to do with parenting. Known serial killers sometimes come from very wealthy backgrounds yet become sociopaths.

      The bible – do YOU understand the bible?

    6. Are we forgetting that she in divorce proceedings was outed as a Lesbian by her husband?

      Hmmm a fact the “sisters in christ” choose to ignore.

      And I am wondering if your preacher “talked” about this site in his sermon. Where is the video recording? Why is it not on his You Tube or Spacebook page ?

  5. It is very disheartening to see my brothers being eaten alive sexually by this lifestyle. My pastor really was astounded by the things he read on here. He told me it hurt his heart.

    1. I’d like to have a one on one with your pastor… I’m sure we could discuss a multitude of other things that hold so much more relevance in tho world to hurt his heart!

    2. I like your point. I also want to point out that there are men who are in healthy stable relationships, marriages, and long-term commitments with other men. Some of them find this attitude of sex first very reprobative and believe in extreme monogamy. This is why sometimes my comments seem to puzzle those who comment here “at times”. I come with a, love then sex (even though no one is perfect) however they seem to come from a different view. Sex, sex, sex and sex some more. It is more than a gay thing, I find that black girls think this way too, they believe if I have sex with them then I like them, that’s how they are conditioned to think. My friend who was very interested in this girl and would call to find out how her day was going, buy her dinner etc overheard the girl telling her friends that he was “weird” since he had not tried to “get some” for the past 2 weeks they’d been going out. She even said she tried to seduced him and he refused her advances. He told me he really wanted to, but he wants to really develop a relationship. So you see, I think it is a people thing, not black, white, gay. It takes the protective arms of God to really shield you from that destructive reasoning.

  6. @deborahV… Have you ever thought about how many women do the same things that many of us gay men do? Have you considered that no one would purposely choose a life of ridicule, shame, being harassed, picked on and more? Have you considered that the same way some of us lusted behind a man if the cloth, that there are women in that church undressing him with their eyes every Sunday? I’m not here to argue with you, but to give you some understanding into the world of which is my life… Even putting god first, the flesh will forever be weak, I have no intentions on changing who and what I am. Just like there’s sluts in your world, their are sluts in mine, and so on, and so on… I think the guys here just tend to find you judgmental, even tho you are actually just ignorant to our lifestyle (no shade)..welcome to my world.. Because I lived unhappily in yours for 22 years;)

    1. Hello Richie. There seems to be more sluts as you put it in your lifestyle. There is no happiness in sleeping around and trying to turn out every man for sex. The gay man who is now straight and walking in The Lord said he was sleeping with men he didn’t even know all that well. He was a pleasure box for sin and damnation. What life is that to live?

      1. Unfortunately I know a multitude of heterosexual females that are a pleasure box for damnation as well!! I’m taking it that the world that you know isn’t very large, intricate, or layered… I can say that on the premise that you speak from one area only. I’ve lived the life of a straight man, a gay man, hate to say, but a drug addict, a whore, and I’ve worn many more masks as well, just like most ppl do. The god that WE both serve, fortunately loves everyone of his children equally, and due to the fall of man of which was caused by a woman we were all given free will, and the option to repent, I’m glad that you have found your way in life, and that you want to share the happiness that you’ve found. But please I ask you, share it from a genuine non judgmental place

      2. There are women who are “pleasure boxes” as well. Have you ever heard the term “side hoes” , “dummies” etc. Visit this site WSHH.com and you will see a LOT of women who are very much more promiscous.

        Don’t even look too far, I’m sure you may know of a “16 year old” who is pregnant. That was not a spiritual pregnancy now was it?

    1. Good evening Dev. No I am not a drag queen. I was born with a vagina and I have a uterus. You’re funny. Are you saved?

  7. Lurker here! {waves hard} I actually agree with Deb. The gay lifestyle is one of the most hoish out of all the lifestyles. You are dealing with a man and a woman. It seems like one big orgy. I have been to other sites besides this and the main topic is sex. It makes me scared to date a man because it seems every man is DL or something. This site isn’t as bad but you all can’t sit here and not say your lifestyle isn’t one big body party lol okay back in lurking!

    1. I feel like the body party is way more prevalent in the hetero community… It seems heavy with is because there are less of us… But there’s waaaaaaaaayyyyy more straight porn than gay porn, and straight sex sites than gay sites… Don’t get it twisted, you find what you looking for, but the straights get it in equally as heavy nasty and dirty as the gays!! Trust me I was straight for 22 years!

      1. lies. The whole premise of ‘heterosexuality” is to “get the pussy”. Now the JOURNEY to the pussy is what makes it interesting. She calls you to come fix something, you grudgingly do it because you want that pussy. You take her to dinner, see a movie, tell her nice things and flirt TO GET THE PUSSY. Sometimes depending on how good the pussy is, you may PUT A RING on IT. However, you still fall in love and when LOVE can get you pussy = marriage.

        Now, in “this side” of “homo world” SEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is just wow. I am blown from the stuff I read on here. and the stuff “gay” men send to me:

        “I would let him nut in me” “I would drink his bathwater” “Can he get inside of me” “my walls creamed” “I will suck your dick so good” “I want your nut”

        How many times have you READ a female throw that RANDOM comment to a STRANGE man? I’m waiting for your response. She may think it, YES, and may even write it, however I THINK (females correct me if I’m wrong here) women may see more like
        “He looks dateable” , etc I think women can stay with a man who gives wack sex because they love him. I don’t think gays can even stay past 5 mins. A gay guy MEETS a guy for the first time in his life and within 5 minutes they are fucking – like seriously. Even HOS (paid prostitutes) try and play the catch me if you can tease game with men before sleeping with him. Gay guys it’s like : (first conversation)

        10 minutes ago

        “sup, where you at?”
        10 mins ago
        “XYZ address”
        “your profile says top/bottom etc”
        “yeah I’m XYZ”
        “pics opened/sent ”
        “text my number XYZ”
        “I’m outside”

        5 minutes later
        FUCK session

        Last conversation ever in life. Never even knowing his first name.

        Seriously now, come on. What happened to hello, what do you do, etc

        3 weeks later
        Gets your number
        Texts you for 1 month
        Go out for lunch
        See each other again maybe 1 week later
        Outing – amusement park etc
        Meet your friends
        Meet my friends

        (at this point know name, address at least .. )

        then sex. (if it should even come at this point)

        Then Again, Davon is the “one who doesn’t like to go with the crowd” .. umm I’m good with THAT crowd, thanks.

  8. Good evening again Richie. Why does everyone say I am judgmental? I am asking questions to gauge answers.

    1. Maybe because you called a PERSON a pleasure den for sin and damnation, or that you said that you’re disheartened that we are being eaten alive, or that you constantly reiterate that we need the same prayer that the whole world needs.., there’s nothing wrong with a question that you don’t understand, no one person knows everything, but when those questions are followed with your personal feelings, of which are not relevant in any realm, it becomes disheartening to us..

  9. Good evening. I don’t know what the correct term is. I have witnessed you all call each other the F word and I didn’t think that was very nice or appropriate to say. What is the correct term I can use? I don’t mean to offend anyone. I’m very to this and not trying to get verbally attacked as I was last time.

    1. You guys will work, “we”, considering we are all human, “us”, since we are all people, I’m not offended by the gays, because I say it all the time… Just keep it cute, or put it on mute!

  10. I for one am very selective of who will eventually get the booty. As for Deb, welcome back. I hope that we can help you to “understand” us a bit better and I hope you not be so judgmental this time around.

    1. Good morning brother Dev. You are the comedian from last night. By would you want want to stone me? In the Bible it says a woman who is not a virgin by her wedding night shall be stoned. I am saving myself for my husband so no stones this way. Sending a prayer up for you.

      1. Deb you really are a lil Christian girl. Don’t tell too many men you are saving yourself tho. Men will marry you just to get it.

  11. I wonder if Sister Deborah stumbled onto this blog after snooping through her gay son’s browser history and she’s trying to get some information to better understand him. Hmmmm

    1. Good morning Zeus. No I don’t have a son. The Lord is working on me to be the perfect wife and mother. I am blessed you wrote that comment as it is a sign that a husband and child is soon to come. Many blessings my brother.

  12. Good morning brothers. Davon answered my question perfectly. Thank you and I do read my Bible. The only word I live by that gets me through. Blessed day and I will hold everyone in prayer.

  13. I’m starting to think that Deborah and the other women on here use this site to justify why they are single. It’s easy to blame the evil sexually corrupt gays and DL men instead of taking responsibility for their failures. The homosexual community is no different than heterosexual. Both are heavily influenced by sex. I find it interesting that you would use this site as a place to “learn more about the lifestyle” when there are more informative (less sexual, more academic) sites out there. I’m curious about your “curiosity” because it doesn’t seem to come from a genuine place.

    1. Some women .Please don’t lump me together with those women who think they can’t find a man because Black men are Gay or on the DL.I had an ex who was on the DL,now openly Gay .Despite that experience I don’t assume most Men are DL.I’m not naive nor am I paranoid or overly suspicious.I also find it suspicious that this virginal Christian is visiting this site for “information”.I wonder if she is also watching Thugbait videos for” research”.Hey I know they are fake but they turn me on :).
      Lastly I find it ironic that Some of the same people who criticize Gay Men sex lives oppose same sex marriage.BTW there are Gay men who would like to save themselves for the husbands on their wedding night too.Yet there are people who don’t want these men to ever have a wedding night,to never have a committed relationship. Oh Deb since you told your pastor about this site maybe he can talk about thugbait next Sunday Google it

      1. You’re right Y Colette. I’ve never seen you say anything reckless or offensive on here. I should have been more specific 🙂

        Deborah can play the innocent “I don’t know card” all day long. I’m not buying it. I’ll just pray for her, and hope the Lord leads her from her wicked judgmental ways. That’s not how Jesus lived.

      2. Way off topic but blogger B Scott is suing BET for $2.5M for making him wear men’s clothes on RC .SMH I WAS Team B Scott

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