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i still haven’t forgotten how my past church hurt me.
i’ve forgiven them but i’ll never forget how they did me.
i was just talking to someone from my past church about what i went through.
even years later,
the person is still proud of me for standing up and fighting back.
i think it has caused me to look sideways at church folks tbh.
i don’t attend any church even though i use to stream td jakes heavy.

If you want to see a bunch of followers in one setting,
go to a church.

church people are the original toxic stan group.
the way they’ll turn on you for their pastor,
or how they hate on others that aren’t in “the Jesus circle”,
is unmatched than the hive or the barbz.
one of my great friends sent me this interesting video today.
pastor mike todd from the transformation church in tulsa, ok

spits in his hand and does this to one of the members…


take a lick of my ice cream (and put it back on the shelf)

jackals really annoy me.
i know i’m supposed to ignore them,
but it’s hard when they are fuckin’ with our food.
i guess there is a new challenge out there.
jackals are going into supermarkets,
opening ice cream,
licking it,
and putting it back on the shelf.
so i saw this a few days ago on my twitter tl:

…and went instantly insane.
( x they’re already hot on her ass )
now we got the copycats who have nothing else better to do…

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please don’t ruin my hard-on with your filth

*the following is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

so i’ve been noticing something lately.
it’s kind of “ew”,
but maybe it’s just me.
i don’t know.
so i go on “pornhub” when i need to release some tension.
i’ll browse until i find a scene that fits my fancy.
one day,
i literally got off to anime straight porn.
whole nother story.

this is what i’ve been noticing

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Shaquille O’Neal Is Suffering From Severe Athlete’s Foot

i can never get over some of these baller wolves paws.
some of them need to come with warning labels.
shaquille o’neal showed his to the world on tv.
you have been warned
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foXXX: Raz B Has A Pipe and Sex Tape Leakage

image49-1…remember raz b?
he use to be in b2k with o-cakes and nem.
he also called out his old group members for allegations about being raped.
they denied and he still kept trying.
boy did he try.
he ended up burning a lot of bridges with many people.
well he packed up,
was banished to asia,
and was never to be seen again.
well he resurfaced on a sex tape that leaked tonight on wshh and well…
(nsfw and 18^)
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Antoine Dodson Sends Pipe Pics First; Business Last?

uptown_antoine_dodson_2014antoine dodson maybe one of “us” again.
well before you giggle uncontrollably,
he was trying his best to be straight again.
you know was trying to impress us with the cub and the new boxing career.
well it seems he got caught up recently sending out his pipe pics.
i know.
i know.
i just ate a pizza.
one of my favorite vix-bi sent me this alleged story from mto…
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