My Breezy Wolf Announces Retirement? Someone Slap Him For Me.

chrisretiresaww cum rest cho head on my booty.
tell foxi all about it baby…
well i luh breezy wolf,
he know i do,
but he needs to accept some responsibility in his bullshit.
if he woulda sat his ass down and not do stupid shit,
he would be ridin’ high.
instead he choose to act like a common n*gger.
he can’t blame anyone without realizing he gave them plenty of ammunition.
he should be lookin’ like swizz cheese at this point.
i wish him well.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “My Breezy Wolf Announces Retirement? Someone Slap Him For Me.”

  1. Chris suffers from bi polar disorder. He was diagnosed but he doesn’t take medicine for it. He is having a tough time battling celebrity life, the incident, and his disorder.

  2. The way his weight dropped you can tell he is going through it. I thought I was drugs. Maybe it’s depression.

  3. He has accepted responsibility for his actions, but I think he is tired of people not letting it go. It has been over four years, but when you are a public figure you have to present yourself a certain way to be successful and been seen as a role model. Chris should have been told that.

    I had no knowledge that he was this sad. It’s written all over his face when you look at him. I wish I could give him a hug and tell him it would be ok. I truly don’t want to see him retire from music because he is talented. Have any of you noticed Rihanna hasn’t been the same since the beating either? She didn’t start acting out until after he beat her.Think about it. These celebs are all damaged goods to me. So many lies, secrets, sold souls, and etc.You could not pay me enough to be a part of the entertainment industry. They brag about us wanting to be in their shoes and they are all miserable af and crying themselves to sleep in the early mornings in their king sized beds all alone lol. Who wants to live like that? No one.They can keep that shit.

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