Chris Brown Does The Walk of Shame

tumblr_mvejwxnZOQ1rii1hdo4_1280spotted: nothing’s worse than doing the walk of shame….
…out of jail after making an ass of yourself for the,what 2,000th time in the last 3 years?
chris brown has finally been released and his beloved #teambreezy was there to capture the moment…
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Breezy Wolf Has First World Problems He’s Addressing on Twitter

tumblr_mjillkNZ8F1r41plpo5_500breezy wolf is on a roll on twitter today.
he managed to go off about rappers wearing grandma curtains,
jay z and beyonce,
and now he went in on tmz for this post here…

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Breezy Wolf Raises From The Dead

breezywolfissuesas you all know,
or may not,
breezy wolf aka chris brown had a seizure yesterday and was admitted into the hospital.
allegedly he has had seizures since he was a child.
i had a dream about him the night before which was weird.
did all this drug use trigger something? i wonder what triggered it?
that was his tweet ( x ) today.
i need him to get his life together.
as much as a talent he is,
and has had a lot of potential,
he isn’t built for the fire.
maybe this retirement maybe a good thing?
wishing you well
from the foxhole breezy.

My Breezy Wolf Announces Retirement? Someone Slap Him For Me.

chrisretiresaww cum rest cho head on my booty.
tell foxi all about it baby…
well i luh breezy wolf,
he know i do,
but he needs to accept some responsibility in his bullshit.
if he woulda sat his ass down and not do stupid shit,
he would be ridin’ high.
instead he choose to act like a common n*gger.
he can’t blame anyone without realizing he gave them plenty of ammunition.
he should be lookin’ like swizz cheese at this point.
i wish him well.

Breezy Wolf Is The New Michael Jackson?

i know what you are thinking.
“wait until i slap the pores off jamari’s face”.
well i was semi joking.
aside all his bullshit,
breezy wolf has a new video for his new album on the way.
the song is called “fine china” and well...


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Breezy Wolf Gets Fucked In More Ways Than 1

^fbi .
what video is this gif from?


he just can’t seem to get his stroke of luck right.
breezy wolf is in the headlines yet again.
this like his 10th cover on “faulted negro daily“.
this time,
he has violated his parole in a big way.
you remember that community service he was supposed to do?
looks like he had his mama and team of enablers doing it…

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