Breezy Wolf Has First World Problems He’s Addressing on Twitter

tumblr_mjillkNZ8F1r41plpo5_500breezy wolf is on a roll on twitter today.
he managed to go off about rappers wearing grandma curtains,
jay z and beyonce,
and now he went in on tmz for this post here…

oktyChris Brown is the victim of a racist ass District Attorney — so claims Chris Brown.

The ever-deflecting singer went on a twitter rant last night, ragging on authorities for calling him out for submitting bogus community service reports in the Rihanna beating case.  The judge ordered Brown last week to do 1,000 hours of additional, legitimate community service.

Apparently Brown has been steaming over the ruling, and exploded last night, saying, “Nigga done 6 months community service wit police and the DA racist ass crying to the judge that I didn’t do it.  F**k the SYSTEM!”

Fun Fact — the actual L.A. County D.A. is an African-American woman.

you think breezy wolf was having it?
naw not at all:

chrisbrownranttumblr_m047h0ylYo1qj7acbo1_500well can i say i’m impressed.
he didn’t delete not one tweet.
this looks like growth on his part.

lowkey: tmz does pick on him tho.
i did learn he is in a gang tho.
that would explain all this plaid.

x read all his rants on twitter
source of story: tmz

4 thoughts on “Breezy Wolf Has First World Problems He’s Addressing on Twitter

  1. Chris is on Jive/RCA its Rihanna who works for Jay Z.So he is repping Pirus (Bloods)while vacationing in Hawaii when he gets locked up he will have his gang as his Bodyguards,I guess.SMH

  2. This guy…smh you know what’s funny? All of this time this dude was acting a damn fool but his label and peoplez were still supporting him so he thought he could go on and do and say what he wanted and everything would be gravy. This era of his album, his label is not pushing it; no one is promoting him, he isn’t performing on any shows other than BET, MTV I don’t think they paid him any mind, and everything seems to be going south. I am not sure what is going on with his label but they just don’t care about this project and it upsets him he even spoke about it. I think he feels like he is really trying but no one wants to give him the respect he “Deserves” no one wants to forget him whooping dickmatized Rihanna, and no one wants to move on…by no one I mean the media. His last album didn’t sell very well, I don’t even think it went platinum; sure he sells out shows cuz he is an amazing performer but there has been a huge decline in record sales. I wonder if they want to drop him. I don’t know why he said stuff about Jay-Z who is his boss, he knows damn well Beyonce is not gonna collaborate with him, she has her reputation to protect. She sings to “empower” women (We are not even gonna go there) but what does she look like making a song with Chris Brown a woman beater (yeah yeah yeah he used to be) I’m just saying everything she does is calculated to benefit her, Beyonce ain’t that dumb.

    All this boy needs to do is to humble himself, not pretend to be humble like he was doing in the beginning of this album’s promotion because clearly it didn’t work. But it’s hard for him to learn from all of this with his stans always telling him he is right, his entourage and team supporting his nonsense, he is never gonna learn being surrounded by YES people.

    1. Jay-Z is his boss?I didn’t know that.I thought Jay-Z didn’t like him.I remember after Chris performed at the same award show Beyonce revealed she was pregnant, Kanye was standing up clapping for Chris and Jay-Z was sitting there with a look on his face like “fuck that nigga.”I thought it was weird that Jay-Z acted like that with Chris because there’s a video of Jay-Z trying to beat some chick up.The pot calling the kettle black/Jay-Z being a hypocrite.He meant that line in 99 problems when he said “not too long ago, a nigga like me had to strong arm a ho.”I’m probably misunderstanding him, maybe Jay-Z meant pop her a good one and not beat her to near death.In that video of Jay-Z attacking that woman, he popped her a good one and then went on to try and beat her before people had to step in and separate them, so I changed my mind, I don’t think I misunderstood his lyrics.

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