Breezy Wolf Raises From The Dead

breezywolfissuesas you all know,
or may not,
breezy wolf aka chris brown had a seizure yesterday and was admitted into the hospital.
allegedly he has had seizures since he was a child.
i had a dream about him the night before which was weird.
did all this drug use trigger something? i wonder what triggered it?
that was his tweet ( x ) today.
i need him to get his life together.
as much as a talent he is,
and has had a lot of potential,
he isn’t built for the fire.
maybe this retirement maybe a good thing?
wishing you well
from the foxhole breezy.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Breezy Wolf Raises From The Dead”

  1. He really does need to get his life together ASAP. We have enough fallen talent. He doesn’t need to be an addition to the list. I’m wishing him well wishes.

  2. You wanna know why he’s having such a hard time coping with everything? He’s a good boy on the inside, his tough persona is a fake, yes FAKE. We have talked about this before how celebs start acting out for no reason leaving people wondering. They do it to get the attention of the people and to make money, and it shows that some of them are not really who they are pretending to be. These celebs need to know that it’s ok to be yourself, not someone of you imagination, but your true self. I don’t want Chris to quit music and leave out of the spotlight, he’s too talented for that. He sings, dances, and does great graffiti art. I really want him to stay around and get it together so he can prove these people wrong.

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