Chaka Khan Can You Tell Me Something Good?

Epiphany+The+Best+of+Chaka+Khan+Epiphany++The+Best+of+Chaka+Khsomething told me to download chaka khan’s greatest hits.
like marvin,
i never listened to a full album of hers.
i only knew her popular songs,
kanye west,
and got2breal.
boy was i missing out.
her funky music instantly put me in a good mood.
i like this exploring the music terrain i have embarked on.
my soul needs this.
i want to check out florence and the machine soon.

lowkey: i dead ass thought this was whitney on “im every woman” with her.

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Chaka Khan Can You Tell Me Something Good?”

  1. Whitney and Cissy sang the backgrounds on I’m Every Woman. It was one of Whitney’s earliest professional gigs.

    That’s the main reason she covered it.

  2. Chaka is/was/will always be a beast.

    Even though she stans for Aretha, every other singer stans for her.

    She’s an originator…

  3. I LOVE Chaka Khan! She’s one of the best! Mary J Blige idolizes her also. That instrument, that is her voice, sounds like a trumpet.

      1. You can’t even describe Mama Patti’s voice. She’s in another stratosphere! Her vocal skills are out of this world.

  4. on that song Papillon (Hot Butterfly), you can hear Cissy, Whitney, and Luther Vandross singing background vocals. That’s how you know Chaka is a beast! She had legends singing in her background.

    1. You know it’s bad that if any artist did that now, their fans would never forget it. Imagine Beyonce singing back up for Mariah or worse, Rihanna? The Internet would blow up lol

  5. Yes she needs a complete hits package that one was a tease… She slays that Fleetwood Mac cover of Everywhere…

  6. Chaka Khan is no joke and she knows it and she does not mind calling other younger singers out who sing off key and are all over the place. She famously said in concert back in the 90’s, I am going to sing “Sweet Thing” the right way and not the fuck up way Mary J. Blige did OUCH! You need to check out her 70’s Catalouge when she was with Rufus. Stevie Wonder wrote her first big hit Tell Me Something Good just for her after hearing her voice before she was a big superstar. Chaka is one of the rare singers who can start singing in her upper register without warming up. Queen Aretha is even a fan and thats saying much as she does not give much props for female singers. She has a jazz album called Echoes of an Era thats rare and hard to find, but it will blow you away. Chaka is one of the legendary greats of music.

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