Exploring The Forest Underneath The Palm Trees

karaoke is currently having sex.
well she’s about too.
currently is,
i dunno…
either way she introduced me to the wolf she is talking too.
you remember him, don’t you?
the one who had ( x the fetish for anime cartoon characters ).
yeah him.
i met tonight and well…

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Chaka Khan Can You Tell Me Something Good?

Epiphany+The+Best+of+Chaka+Khan+Epiphany++The+Best+of+Chaka+Khsomething told me to download chaka khan’s greatest hits.
like marvin,
i never listened to a full album of hers.
i only knew her popular songs,
kanye west,
and got2breal.
boy was i missing out.
her funky music instantly put me in a good mood.
i like this exploring the music terrain i have embarked on.
my soul needs this.
i want to check out florence and the machine soon.

lowkey: i dead ass thought this was whitney on “im every woman” with her.

Stick Your Nose In Those Butt Cheeks and See Where It Gets Ya!


exploration can be an interesting learning experience.
vixens usually explore inside a wet and juicy pussy to see if they like it.
sometimes they do.
sometimes they don’t.
some straight wolves end up being “something” in our world.
ya know,
just to see what all the hype is all about.
sometimes they stay.
other times they run the fuck out.
it only has positive results if you go into it with no expectations.
let’s not even talk about the disaster if things aren’t what you imagined.
star fox had an interesting experience today….

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