I Want You To Dress Up Like Sailor Moon So I Can Sex You by Moonlight

Happy_sailor_mooni get the most random texts throughout the day from my people.
it always makes for entertaining conversations while they are at work.
so i have my vixen home girl i talked about before.
ive known her since freshman year of high school.
she moved to another state a few years ago.
we’ll call her karoke from now on.
so karoke sent me a text about this dude that started talkin to her.
he had a weird request and she wanted me to share it with me…

“what is cosplay?” she asked.

“cosplay is where you dress up like sailor moon or some anime character and he fucks you stupid.
basically sex for geeks.” – i replied.

-long silence-

“…oh ok. so i won’t be speaking to him anymore.
i’d totally get that sailor moon outfit tho.
well when i lose 80 pounds.
of course its hard to lose weight when my favorite exercise is chewing.

-i give a long response-

“Rotflmao!” – my only reply

Crying_sailor_moonits one thing to want to dress up a as a doctor,
a construction worker,
or an hr supervisor.
its another thing to want to fuck me in full costume dressed as a dragonball z character.
then again ive had some fantasies about wolverine,
and batman.
i was ashamed with myself when i jacked off to ryu from street fighter.
don’t judge me.
i might have to try it one night with my future wolf.
he has to fill out his costume tho.
i need the full effect.

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5 thoughts on “I Want You To Dress Up Like Sailor Moon So I Can Sex You by Moonlight

  1. Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z were my shit.The whole Toonami block was my shit.DBZ still kind of is.They just need to stop rehashing the same video game over and over.I’m still a nerd at heart.

    I can’t remember if I jacked off to fantasies of comic book/video game characters.I’m pretty sure I did though.I wouldn’t be surprised if I did.

    If I was to ever do a cosplay role-play, I’d have a muscle bound black dude dress up as Blade and I’ll be the vampire.Blade will use his sword to stab me.Of course the sword is his dick.

    It’s weird because cosplay role-play never crossed my mind before.I’ve heard of furries but those are people that dress in mascot animal costumes and fuck each other.

    Damn, Sailor moon though.

    Now I’m trying to think of characters that I’d cosplay role-play with.Blade is the only one I can think of.A fusion of tall, dark, and handsome Wesley Snipes mixed with sexy bald head Sticky Fingaz.

    “Let’s go toe to toe Blade, I’ve been a real bad vampire lately, put me in check.”

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