So This Is Who Khloe Kardashian Is Allegedly Getting Dug Out By?

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 4.02.04 PMkhloe.
good move.
he looks hood, dumb, and got that “fuck you stupid” pipe.
everyone meet the game’s brother deandre morris aka byrd.
i always see him working out with fine ass game,
but i thought he was a friend.
who knew he was laying his pipe up in a kardashian as well?
hsk has all the alleged…

HSK broke the story first … You’ll recall, back in May we first served you word of Khloe Kardashian using Lamar Odom’s bands to trick off on Game’s younger brother. At the time, we were only hip to dude’s street names, ‘Ivory’ and ‘Church.’ Now, we can confirm the fitness guru is Deandre Morris, who’s being exposed as Khloe’s secret lover for AT LEAST seven-months!

Funny thing is … Morris has been standing in Khloe’s public shadow for some time now — with Game said to be serving as a diversion. Back in March, Khloe was photographed hiking Runyon Canyon with the rapper, as part of his famed ’60 Days of Fitness’ program. Sources tell us not only is Morris responsible for pushing Khloe to follow his get fit lead — like he urged Game to do — he’s now the official HNIC in Khloe’s world! Don’t believe me.. Ask Kris Jenner!!!

tumblr_lgral27OLV1qaboh9o1_400fuck around and they runnin choo choos on her.
one thing about these chicks is they get the good black meat.

that’s all they seem to be good for.
i havent really been following this khloe/lamar bs.
i know lamar and crack is involved tho.
it all seemed like a smear campaign headlined by kris jenner in my opinion.
now that kim is fat and a baby mama,
kris jenner’s talk show flopped,
and khloe and lamar perfect relationship is coming to an end:

do people really care about these people anymore?

the kardashians are pretty much cooked.
lets make way for the next @attentionwhore to run up their 15 minutes!

x read more at hsk
x read about kris jenner hackin’ lamar phone and trying to sabotage his life
x go learn to work out with byrd

9 thoughts on “So This Is Who Khloe Kardashian Is Allegedly Getting Dug Out By?

  1. Well pussy never fails especially if it’s a Kardascian pussy. You are right those whores always get chocolate meat….hmmm you notice they only sleep black and those negroes are only happy to oblige. Well hope he gets her pregnant so that she can take over the news feed from Kim. Those puss is are working overtime!

  2. She sure has a type…I’m not even mad at her…Off topic, am I the only turned on by Rob K plus size look? I bet that boy b sucking Lamar’s dick when Khloe wasn’t around…He looks like a freak too…I’ll tear that Armenian ass up.

    1. I am. He got big thighs and fat ass. That’s the thing about thick boys. You gonna get thighs and ass for sure lol.

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