It’s Stormi In The North of Chicago, But A True Saint Keeps The Dream Alive

i love how ^that doesn’t look like her.
after all the drama,
a healthy girl cub was brought into the world.
khloe kardashian named her “true thompson”.
it doesn’t sound as crazy as “stormi” and “chicago”.
i sense shade,
and a ton of jokes with the name of that newborn.
“true” actually has a meaning and didn’t come out of her ass.
this is how she came up with the name…
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Cruella De Jenner: In The Flesh

you know what often catches me by surprise?
when someone you least expect has BAWDY under their clothes.
don’t sleep on the slim ones.
some of them are real toned under these outfits.
i don’t check for cruella de jenner aka kris jenner all like that,
but when someone sent me this pic of her in a bikini today…
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I’m Charging 1,500 For Throat Because Rent Is Due

screen-shot-2014-11-04-at-18-04-18-e1415124361109so an f-bi sent me this story and i gotta say:

It’s a juicy one

so cruella de jenner is dating ^corey gamble.
i know.
corey works for justin bieber’s manager.
he is also a scorpio,
who is from atlanta,
and went to morehouse.
that morehouse…
i’m sure the following will connect some dots.
well allegedly,
corey has a hidden side.
peep this story from an anonymous escort
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When You Have To Drag Those Mouthy Hoes

tumblr_n00a3tU6vc1toieuwo1_500cruella de jenner is mad!
i say!
you know i never watched an episode of that kardashian show.
why bother?
their lives play out enough for my line of work.
i may have to watch one episode this season tho.
i saw this clip of cdj having to get those cubs of hers in line.
i don’t know how “real” this is,
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Is “Caitlyn Jenner” The Perks of Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

tumblr_nrn1zbovRm1uy0b3do1_1280even tho the ratings for 2015 espys dominated with 7.7 million wednesday night,
the real question is:

Did Caitlyn Jenner pull the okey doke on us?

well the daily mail is suggesting we were.
there is a story brewing about how caitlyn actually got this “arthur ashe courage award”.
this is what the daily mail is alleging from a story posted on radaronline
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So Bruce Jenner Is Turning Into “Brenda Jenner”?

640_bruce_jenner_long_hairso i guess the rumors are true?
i mean bruce has rocking a full length wig these days.
plus his french manicures have been on fleek.
according to people,
and tmz,
and the world,
bruce jenner is transitioning into being a “over 60 and fabulous” vixen…
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