When You Have To Drag Those Mouthy Hoes

tumblr_n00a3tU6vc1toieuwo1_500cruella de jenner is mad!
i say!
you know i never watched an episode of that kardashian show.
why bother?
their lives play out enough for my line of work.
i may have to watch one episode this season tho.
i saw this clip of cdj having to get those cubs of hers in line.
i don’t know how “real” this is,

“i’m married for 72 days.
that was normal.” – cdj

and thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn:

*crickets* – kim


v25Yw5what was that,
it’s awfully quiet.

we can’t hear you.
you have a lot to say to your haters on social media,
but couldn’t drag back your own mama?
they all got a lot of nerve to even go after cdj.
oh god.
i’m stickin’ up for a kardashian.
well if it wasn’t for cruella de j,
this family would actually be normal and not the media circus they have become.

lowkey: can you believe they’re on season 12?
can you believe most have different faces from when they started?

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 11.02.11 AM

 figure out who.

clip credited: e! networks

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “When You Have To Drag Those Mouthy Hoes”

  1. More fake drama for a fake scripted show for ratings. Just like Chyna & Kylie’s “beef” LOL.

  2. Kris is right, all of them have so much drama themselves. What makes Rob different?

    Khloe has a husband who overdosed on drugs and will probably will never be the same again
    Kim has had an erratic dating life and her reputation is tarnished.
    Kourtney has a deadbeat for a baby father.
    Kylie has a boyfriend who has a fetish of dating underage girls.
    Caitlyn…well..umm…no comment.

    The whole family is like a circus.

  3. As Annoying as they are mama Jenner does have a point. Unfortunately I used to watch the show in like the very beginning because it was entertaining and if I remember right Him and Kim got into it and rob felt like he wasn’t getting treated right like the females of the family were.
    At the end of the day the whole family sees attention and it’s a little weird to see Kim trying to tell her mom what to do when they all have done beyond questionable things.

  4. Kendall is like the normal one of the group and still look the same out of them. Kourtney is okay, but I feel like she takes a Xanax everyday.

  5. I actually used the watch the first few seasons the show. They were really entertaining before overexposure just became to much for me.

  6. I like Kourtney out of them all. I could do her. LOL
    Only thing is she needs to get rid of that deadbeat husband of hers, and leave him alone.
    Which one is the one on the left? She looks the most “natural” of them all, outside of the nose job. LOL

      1. Yea, Kendall has not had any work done, and she probably never will because she is really serious about her modeling career.

    1. kourtney isn’t married… never was… she was just putting out babies for Scott

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