are you guys sad that the kardashians are leaving us forever?

well its an end of an era.
the ones who made being an attentionisto/nista the thing to be.
i never thought i’d see the day tbh.
i thought the kardashians would have a reality show well into their 80s.
it would show them live in the old folks home,
sitting on couches,
and throwing bingo chips at each other.
the kardashians are coming to an end next year.
this is what kim put on her ig
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When You Have To Drag Those Mouthy Hoes

tumblr_n00a3tU6vc1toieuwo1_500cruella de jenner is mad!
i say!
you know i never watched an episode of that kardashian show.
why bother?
their lives play out enough for my line of work.
i may have to watch one episode this season tho.
i saw this clip of cdj having to get those cubs of hers in line.
i don’t know how “real” this is,
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The First Family Releases A Statement About Lamar Odom

635796468412301160-Cosmopolitan---November-2015---Newsstandyou read right.
“the first family” released a statement about lamar odom.

well almost all the sisters did.
this is what they collectively had to say…
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You Can’t Do What Beyonce Can Do

pj_575-590x399i remember it like it was yesterday.
i was sitting in my crib,
late at night,
and twitter suddenly went on fire.


i was like:


i like to think i’m a foxy entertainment connoisseur.
i’m usually in the loop with artists i give a fuck about.
my foxy senses had no prior alert of a beyonce album.
well sho nuff…
b released an album and went on to sell over a million copies.

1vnics-q…tried the same formula and only sold 2,200.
even with a tweet from his under aged friend,
kylie jenner,
the “gold album” still went triple ply wood.
even with production from another honorary kardashian,
kanye west,
the “gold album” still went platinum gum wrapper.
well this was his explanation for the low sales on twitter…
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Bruce Jenner Is About To Stunt On These Hoes

enhanced-buzz-4413-1369757624-0i bet he says that every single day.
well bruce jenner is officially no more.
miss brenda is here!
lady b got and completed her gender reassignment surgery.
according to radar online
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Who Knew The Kardashians Liked Popeyes?

tumblr_nob43t6hpt1qjjqxfo1_540i guess in an effort to show they “down”,
the kardashians posted pictures of them on a private plane eating popeyes…
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