You Can’t Do What Beyonce Can Do

pj_575-590x399i remember it like it was yesterday.
i was sitting in my crib,
late at night,
and twitter suddenly went on fire.


i was like:


i like to think i’m a foxy entertainment connoisseur.
i’m usually in the loop with artists i give a fuck about.
my foxy senses had no prior alert of a beyonce album.
well sho nuff…
b released an album and went on to sell over a million copies.

1vnics-q…tried the same formula and only sold 2,200.
even with a tweet from his under aged friend,
kylie jenner,
the “gold album” still went triple ply wood.
even with production from another honorary kardashian,
kanye west,
the “gold album” still went platinum gum wrapper.
well this was his explanation for the low sales on twitter…


tumblr_m1oszaIyv81qbiy3yo1_r1_500does anyone actually check for tyga?
serious question.
i didn’t even know he had an album out until i randomly went on spotify.
i still ignored it.
tyga is a guest rapper.
maybe even a hook rapper.
he seems to do better on other people’s tracks.
there is no “star power” with this one.
did he really think kylie jenner would help boost his sales?
seriously t?
her stans only supporting lip plumpers.
you was shit out of luck with that co sign.
don’t these black wolves realize the kardashians ruin careers?
they like a succubus for the successful black wolf.
they fuck you,
drain your credibility,
and have you turning to crack or wearing the same leather pants for two years straight.
804440-darkstalkers.pdf_157i’m definitely gonna need tyga to learn how to produce music.
after all the bridges he burned for these kardashians,
its going to be a quiet situation for him from now on.

lowkey: i still didn’t listen to that collab album with chris and him.
and THEN…
tyga gonna have a reality show on mtv.
if we arent listening to the music,
who is really watching the show?
just bad decision making all around.
who are his people?

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “You Can’t Do What Beyonce Can Do”

  1. Oh! Jamari I can’t with chu you read this mothafatha for filth you read the eyes out his ass damn it man! If tyga reads this off the nearest bridge he goes lol!

    1. ^i don’t want him to die.
      i want him to realize he did a lot of fucked up shit prior to this.
      calling out his label mates,
      one being drake,
      was the worst decision he could have made.

  2. David Bowie did what Beyonce did…a year before she did it….in fact, that’s where she got the idea from….her sold three million on a secret album with no promotion…..

    1. ^he shoulda gotten a cape from caitlyn.
      she is the new hot promoter in the streets.
      caitlyn had a 32 dollar bag the other day im sure gonna be jacked up to 3,200 .

  3. I know that’s right. And save yourself by not listening to that collab album with CB. I listened to some of the tracks on Youtube. TRASH! They all sound the same. The same generic recycled washed up beats with the same rusty hooks & predictable lyrics. A damn MESS!

  4. Continue to drag him Jamari he definitely deserves it. It still baffles me how he is publicly dating a 17 year old and her mom and other people are okay with it. It doesn’t matter that she looks like she is in her twenties your still a pedophile. I think Tyga is kind of slow, his little tired career will be over sooner than later.

    1. ^Agreed. but where is CPS or the cops in this foolishness?! You have a grown ass man dating, and probably fucking, a minor. The momma needs her ass kicked for ALLOWING IT, as do the rest of that mentally fucked up family. Something is wrong with that, and no amount of media publicity should make it right.

  5. Anyone who was expecting tyga to do big numbers should kill them self.
    He put this record out without any promo or funding from a label, we should be congratulating him instead of condemning him as a flop.
    We don’t know nicki, Wayne, and Drake. How do we not know they aren’t shady, bitches, or disloyal? And that they didn’t need to be called out.
    I think complex mad was BEYOND wrong for that tweet. That was dirty.

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