You Can’t Do What Beyonce Can Do

pj_575-590x399i remember it like it was yesterday.
i was sitting in my crib,
late at night,
and twitter suddenly went on fire.


i was like:


i like to think i’m a foxy entertainment connoisseur.
i’m usually in the loop with artists i give a fuck about.
my foxy senses had no prior alert of a beyonce album.
well sho nuff…
b released an album and went on to sell over a million copies.

1vnics-q…tried the same formula and only sold 2,200.
even with a tweet from his under aged friend,
kylie jenner,
the “gold album” still went triple ply wood.
even with production from another honorary kardashian,
kanye west,
the “gold album” still went platinum gum wrapper.
well this was his explanation for the low sales on twitter…
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So I Guess Losing My Baggage Woulda Been More Interesting?

baggage-claim-posterit was no secret i wanted to see baggage claim.
from the trailers it looked interesting.
my vixen friend told me it is definitely a “bootleg that shit” type of movie.
“dont pay for that shit!” she said.
well small blessings anyway because i couldn’t afford it.
judging from this review on how it bombed this weekend at deadline

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