So I Guess Losing My Baggage Woulda Been More Interesting?

baggage-claim-posterit was no secret i wanted to see baggage claim.
from the trailers it looked interesting.
my vixen friend told me it is definitely a “bootleg that shit” type of movie.
“dont pay for that shit!” she said.
well small blessings anyway because i couldn’t afford it.
judging from this review on how it bombed this weekend at deadline


Fox Searchlight’s PG-13 waste-of-time rom-com Baggage Claim also won an ‘A-’ CinemaScore despite dismal critical reviews – only 18% positive on Rotten Tomatoes and opened with $9.2M. The studio was so embarrassed  by this dopey premise pic that it never bothered sending me any pre-release or post-release intel about it. That said, films about a flight attendant’s love life belong back in the 1960s. The 2013 twist that she’s African-American is just lame.

Written and directed and produced by David E. Talbert (whose first movie was 2008′s First Sunday and who gave his wife an exec producer credit because he cribbed from her female friends’ conversations), pic stars Paula Patton who co-starred in FSL’s 2010Just Wright and whom many believe wouldn’t have such a thriving movie career if she weren’t married to Robin Thicke. Unfortunately Taye Diggs and Djimon Hounsou also co-star in this crapfest. I rarely praise Tyler Perry but he would have found a fresher way to position this.

…i dodged a bullet?

tumblr_mmjywkSBXZ1qa7k60o2_r1_250okay i wont lie,
i wanted to see it for songzbird.

tumblr_mmjywkSBXZ1qa7k60o3_250you got me.
i guess his angels didnt want to support?
so was the movie that bad?
i guess it’ll be on dvd by next month.
this is why i need to see movies with wolves.
i wont feel too bad for my wallet if the movie is terrible.

lowkey: is it me or has nothing in the theater been worth paying for?

article source: deadline

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “So I Guess Losing My Baggage Woulda Been More Interesting?”

  1. I’m with Alan on this. I haven’t seen it yet but plan to catch it to see the eye candy. That’s one reason Tyler Perry’s movies do so well; he always gives us eye candy and has the brothers take off their clothes. And, to be perfectly honest, I bet many of those who trash his movies are sitting right up in there enjoying looking at the fine brothers he casts. Tyler knows what sells. And, knowing how Hollywood critics are, he wisely does not send them advance copies and keeps going to the bank. I’m hoping to catch more than that scene of Sonzbird in the shower. And, I will hurry to catch it on the big screen to enjoy the sights on the screen and in the audience in my still barely black majority city. Gentrification is marching along at full speed.

  2. I saw the movie. Very predictable. And Paula’s a cringing was all that good honestly. I wanted to like this movie and it have good underline message but no. Watch it next month. And I say the same for that “Don Jon” movie. Glad I paid to see neither

  3. I saw it last night , let’s just say this is a movie you catch on tv. It was like rom com 101 I was able to guess how it was going to play out in the first five minutes. There was eye candy but it didn’t last long.

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