Tales From The Once Homophobic Wolf Who Would Have Killed Me Too

tumblr_inline_mp0inpPFbu1qz4rgpcoming from a lady gaga fan?
i laugh.
secretly the ones every gay wants to conquer a straight wolf.
you can act like you don’t.
“no i don’t even look at them.”
“why do gays look at them?”
blah blah muhfuck blah.
when you see that fine straight wolf on the train,
your class,
or even at work and he makes you feel something deep inside…
the answer already lies in the blood.
many of these straight wolves are very homophobic.
it could come from many issues.
as much as they try to avoid the queens out there,
they can’t avoid “my homeboy i trust with my life who happens to be dl”.
there are many masculine wolves out there who like dick.
once they find out their brother or best friend is gay,
they may change their tune.
so last night i was texting a straight friend from an old job…

we been cool for a while now.
when i met him at a retail job we use to work at,
he was really homophobic.
i mean to the point i didn’t even want to be around him.
over the years,
he became real cool and stopped being an asshole.
so last night,
we started talking about some of the people from that job.
bitches he had fucked and so on.
he started talkin’ about this gay supervisor:

“he use to make me so uncomfortable”
“because he would always be touching on me and saying suspect shit.”
“omg are you serious?”
“yeah started stalking me on facebook and shit
asking me for work out advice and wanting to chill
“i looked at gay people after that as the enemy.
i became real homophobic because they always tried hitting on me.
being disrespectful as fuck.
i didn’t want them around me.
i wanted to kill that faggot we use to work with tho
no offense”

i took no offense to it.
i understood his frustration.
these messy queens go overboard,
and from our supervisor at that…

“well he was what i like to call a messy queen”
“you don’t act like that you just wanted to be cool”
“yeah i don’t do messy”
“i didn’t feel any kind of way when you told me you fucked with niggas.
i kinda already knew since you wasn’t talking about bitches when we worked together.”
“naw i was there to work plus i was real quiet.”
“yeah it was like damn nigga do you talk”
“i thought you hated me tbh”
“naw not even.
i assumed you were like that and since our supervisor was acting like that
i put you in that category so i stayed away from you”

that blew my mind.
it took one messy queen to put us all in a box.
i always thought he was attractive,
but ive never wanted to “try to find a way to turn him out”.
i have a huge fear of rejection plus i don’t want to be known for that.
people do talk,
and will set you up.
its one thing to talk about the fine baller wolves and @attentionwhores online.
you may never meet them…
…and usually they “experiment” from online hookups from some of these “fags”.
you know the ones they diss in plain sight right?

its another thing to try to come onto every straight wolf you come across in RL.
maybe if i did,
my sex life would be a lot more exciting?

tumblr_mu7u6wzgzu1si245xo1_500i started to wonder about the homophobic wolves.
some of them have true hatred in their hearts for gays.
 is it a temporary thing tho?
they haven’t met the right one?
when i told my straight wolf friend about me,
i did it because we been friends for such a long time.
he has always had my back and shared a lot of personal shit with me over the years.
he still hates the messy ones as i do,
but he isn’t as hateful.
that’s all it took.
is that how it is with everyone?
should you be the change the homophobes need to see?
or are some just going to be like that for the rest of their lives?
as the years go on,
more wolves are becoming more tolerant.
then again this is new york.
or masculine,
“we” are damn near everywhere.
some of us started out homophobic as well.
so i had to ask…

Can a homophobic wolf really change his fur?

*there was more from our convo.
i’ll write about it soon!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “Tales From The Once Homophobic Wolf Who Would Have Killed Me Too”

  1. I believe they can. One or a few experiences caused them to feel that way. So it’s only right a positive experience can change it.

  2. Som can become tolerant of us. This one dude at my gym was like I thought all gays were sissies. He never met a masculine gay dude and I was like ummmmmmm…. So your shocked lol.

    In actually the messy queeny gays outnumber the regular gays so it’s easy for someone to get confused

    1. Sorry- but that is some BS to make him feel more masculine! The guy that just used the machine before and after him is probably gay and he probably never even knew. That guy needs to open his mind up! Truth is: you just never knew- everyone is on a Kinsey scale.

  3. some people can and will be more tolerant over time, but some are stuck in their ways. Some brothas are truly homophobic, they fear us because they don’t understand. They’re physically attracted to a women so the mere thought of two men being sexually involved makes them sick, and depending on what they’ve been spoon fed through the ideologies of their families that plays a huge role also. And then you have cases, such as your friend, where straight men are approached and disrespected by a gay man and they become close minded to even being friends with a gay man after that. the fact that he was able to share that with you shows that he’s a REAL man and that he’s grown…i have a few straight friends, and a few of them are real close with me. One of them however is like my right hand i can tell him anything and everything, and vice versa . It feels good to have friends that are straight and of different lifestyles, it gives you balance that a lot of messy queens will never have…thanks for sharing

    1. Tonight on Sundance channel a show called Dream School will premier
      50 cent will be mentoring a Transgendered teenage boy. So people can evolve

  4. I kinda feel that some homophobic wolves are secretly gay themselves. I met this one fat Puerto Rican pig who was calling me a faggot and nigga this and nigga that. Then we were alone he was hitting on me and wanting to sleep with me, but it so strange to see him change from warthog to a sissy piglet in front of my eyes.

      1. Anything is possible. I feel homophobic wolves have some strange urge to prove something to others and to themselves. And the funny thing is it always the one you never expect to be gay or even be a major queen. This is why I don’t trust guys who seem or act real masculine cause that could be a cover up.

  5. Yeah, I think Kanye West got some head or got his ass ate by a dude and must’ve liked it because I remember this one month like a few years ago, he was always talking about “Gay this and gay that.”I was thinking like “Damn dude, what’s your problem?”

    1. Kanye West is bipolar. I had a friend who was somewhat like him a fucking cunt and always with the mood swing. I just want to take a hammer and smack him with it just because.

  6. Why do some men fear gay people? The reason being is they are not comfortable with themselves. Really they are afraid that it will be picked up on that they are truly crazy about men!

  7. I say yes everybody can change, just like it’s been stated above some men just can’t understand gay love(between two men). I think it comes from alot of people seeing gay men as sexual creatures and not people who want to fine and be in love. As Great as sex is it’s not the reason I’m gay, I can love a woman like I can a man. Once I’ve told some straight wolves this they somewhat understand.

  8. i definitely understand some people have ignorance and judge things they dont know hopefully they will come around.

  9. A homophobic wolf CAN change. Sometimes it doesn’t take people, but life to cause it. I’ve been friends with one for 22 years (we met in kindergarten). We’re like brothers now but have had our ups and downs. The man is fine …I’m talking vixens and gays break their necks when he walks into a room fine. But I’ve never wanted to turn him out because he’s like family. The older we got, things were complicated by his homophobic behavior. He was always the first to a gay slur and he couldn’t stand to be around them. I hated that but tolerated it. Then, our freshman year of college (we ended up roommates), I was outed by a messy queen after I broke up with him. Needlessly to say it didn’t end well. My first gay relationship destroyed my life and my best friend couldn’t stand to be around me. He didn’t look at me or talk to me and moved out by the end of the semester. We wouldn’t talk for the next 2 years. Then he had a tragedy his senior year. He’s the youngest of 6 boys and one of his brothers committed suicide. In the suicide note his brother said he didn’t want to live with being gay. After the funeral he called me crying and said he’d rather have his brother alive and gay. Long story short, he is now a member of the Gay/ Straight Alliance. Sorry for the novel, but wanted to restore some faith in the steak chat wolves

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