My Supervisor Had A Lot To Say About Me

i’m sure being an assistant to a baller wolf is different from one in corporate.
i learned most of my skills being one in a corporate setting.
all of that rubbed off on this new job position tho.
so my new supervisor sneaked up on me today……

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I’m Super Tite

yesterday liar liar was promoted to supervisor.
i guess she got the cosign she was looking for.
she also got a super duper raise.
we now have to go through her and not our boss.
we also now have to request days off.
before we just sent an email and didn’t show up.
okay cool.
i sent her a email yesterday saying i wanted the day off today.
i needed a mental day because its been a rough week.
i sent the email at like 4 something.
no response.
i asked her if she got the email when i saw her.
she said…
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Tales From The Once Homophobic Wolf Who Would Have Killed Me Too

tumblr_inline_mp0inpPFbu1qz4rgpcoming from a lady gaga fan?
i laugh.
secretly the ones every gay wants to conquer a straight wolf.
you can act like you don’t.
“no i don’t even look at them.”
“why do gays look at them?”
blah blah muhfuck blah.
when you see that fine straight wolf on the train,
your class,
or even at work and he makes you feel something deep inside…
the answer already lies in the blood.
many of these straight wolves are very homophobic.
it could come from many issues.
as much as they try to avoid the queens out there,
they can’t avoid “my homeboy i trust with my life who happens to be dl”.
there are many masculine wolves out there who like dick.
once they find out their brother or best friend is gay,
they may change their tune.
so last night i was texting a straight friend from an old job…

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