I’m Super Tite

yesterday liar liar was promoted to supervisor.
i guess she got the cosign she was looking for.
she also got a super duper raise.
we now have to go through her and not our boss.
we also now have to request days off.
before we just sent an email and didn’t show up.
okay cool.
i sent her a email yesterday saying i wanted the day off today.
i needed a mental day because its been a rough week.
i sent the email at like 4 something.
no response.
i asked her if she got the email when i saw her.
she said…

“yeah i’ll reply.”

no response.
i sent her a text at 8 something last night asking whats the deal.
giphyso now i’m going to work today.
i’m not gonna just NOT show up.
i gotta watch all my moves with this she-jackal.
i’m fuckin’ pissed that this idiot is in charge now.
all she was bragging about was money yesterday,
but you can’t answer a fuckin’ email??????
like this is fuckin’ ridiculous.

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13 thoughts on “I’m Super Tite”

  1. J, its time to Dip, she is going to come for you hard and heavy. It will be her undoing but you will have to suffer in the short term. Sometimes, people are promoted as a set up to show how incompetent they really are and it will be easy to fire her once she is in management. That is at least what I am hoping because if not, you need to leave any way because you are at a company that encourages bullshit and mess. For her to get promoted when the top dawgs no how she is speaks volumes. She may actually open the door for you to a new career because when she tries to get rid of you, you will have actual grounds for a good law suit and they will probably have to cut you a nice check. Sometimes God uses our enemies for our good. I hope something else comes along, so when you are gone they can really see what they have on their hands, a ghetto incompetent liar. Sadly, though sometimes these are the kind of Black people White companies love to hire because they can keep the other Blacks in check without them having to worry about the lawsuits and the EEOC complaints because its Black on Black crime.

    I would encourage you to start telling people you meet that you are whatever you want to be. I want to be a personal trainer but I have not gotten my certification. I started telling people that I am already a trainer, so now that has pushed me to start my certification class in January. I already train a few friends independently and I have a knack for it from my own fitness journey ups and downs, so I can relate to people as somebody real and not perfect, but I just need to have credentials behind my name. The response has been positive and people are believing that I am, so it gives me confidence to keep pushing harder. Start telling others you a private PR consultant. Hell you know your stuff, and would easily convince doubters. I light up when I talk about health and fitness and have a passion for it, even if I dont make a lot of money when I pursue it full time, at least I will enjoy getting up every morning doing something I love and I think I will be able to do good because its something I am enthused about. I am having a rough time at my job and I am looking for an out as well due to a Black female who has been causing havoc doing the dirty work for an old out of touch White female manager who has problem with Black males in the work place. Sometimes, you have to go in a place like you have no Fucks to give and give them whatever; like you are not worried about nothing they can dish out. You have been down and out and you are still hear to tell the story so whatever they try to dish out you can survive and make it. You found this job, you will find another or create your own opportunity. Praying for you Bro.

    1. ^omg t.
      reading that nearly made me cry at my desk.
      im very happy for you and I hope everything works out in your favor.
      You have been through a lot and I’m more than certain you will move forward.

      great minds think alike!
      I started telling people i am trying to pursue image consulting.
      I’m going to change my wording tho.
      I don’t want to do ANYTHING at this company anymore.
      I want to go.
      this place has left a bad taste in my mouth.
      I got my references and I’m going to bow out gracefully.
      No one knows I communicated with that assistant and no one will.

      funny enough,
      I just spoke to an assistant from vogue and she just told me she was about to cry herself.
      she looked like she was going to start bawling.
      her job has been putting her through it.
      I had to be her strength just for those couple minutes.
      it was comforting to know even at a company like vogue,
      the biggest fashion magazine in the world,
      someone is also suffering as well.

  2. Oh hell nawl. It’s time to bounce seriously now. It’s one thing to work with her, now you have to work under her. She is about to really get under your skin now. Smh. I will be mostly definitely be praying for you.

    1. ^she had this attitude when I had to ask her something about work.
      I guess she thought I was going to ask about the day off.
      Naw I’m good.
      come to find out,
      They all went out drinking to celebrate.
      I guess that didn’t require answering my questions.

  3. Is Liar Liar ugly? Cause idk I been noticing a lot of ugly ass people from work always give problems and have nasty ass attitudes. I notice those little details about people.

    1. If she was pretty, hearing about the way she acts toward him and others, she’s ugly now. I do imagine her as a chunker tho. Like a ghetto Star Jones pre-bypass surgery.

  4. I hate when evil people get an upgrade, I ‘m soo with you it’s time to start looking for another job like HEAVY. I can’t see any good coming from this ( sorry not to sound negative) this bitch needs to be out of your life asap.

    1. ^this client asked me why am I working here?
      I def stand out and looks like I should be working in a more hands in fashion.
      at least people can see it as well brave!
      I’ll be off this in 2015 tho.
      I started in February and I refuse to be here for another year.

  5. look over your resume and reach out to a few temp agencies…i’m in the same situation…hate the job and i haven’t even been here long..it’s like so much nonsense that comes with the territory then not to mention my living circumstances, now and some of my own relatives are coming against me..this is the time where GOD is showing us that this next season it’s all about YOU!!!! YOUR DREAMS, YOUR LIVELIHOOD, YOUR HAPPINESS and don’t sacrifice any of those things for ANYTHING or ANYONE…BE SAFE, BE STRONG and BE ENCOURAGED!!!!

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