I’m Super Tite

yesterday liar liar was promoted to supervisor.
i guess she got the cosign she was looking for.
she also got a super duper raise.
we now have to go through her and not our boss.
we also now have to request days off.
before we just sent an email and didn’t show up.
okay cool.
i sent her a email yesterday saying i wanted the day off today.
i needed a mental day because its been a rough week.
i sent the email at like 4 something.
no response.
i asked her if she got the email when i saw her.
she said…
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Omari Hardwick Will Harm You For Talking ABout His Wifey

wpid-screenshot_2014-06-01-00-11-545ya’ll done pissed omari hardwick off.
the comments about his wife being ugly was ( x a bad decision ) on your part.
well he allegedly went off on twitter about it earlier…
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The Silence of The Werewolf

a_560x375when i turn into a werewolf,
like any other fox,
it’s usually NOT pretty.
that means i am either fed up or super horny.
either someone will get cussed out real mean…
or a vicious nut will be pulled out his pipe.
maybe even both depending on the situation.
i’d like to think “ratchet jamari” is my werewolf side.
when i do turn into a werewolf,
and can’t express it the right way,
it leaves me having the craziest mood swings.
so much so,
i was so restless that i couldn’t even sleep last night…
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this week has been a tough week for me…
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Bron Bron Gets Snippy


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The Over Abundance of Neck Critters

I got neck critters.
No…. my neck does not have crabs.
The back of my neck feels itchy and annoying.
I am not a happy Fox right now.

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