Bron Bron Gets Snippy


That is not the response MJ would have said in his prime.
That response was tacky.

   I feel Lebron needs to be humbled.
You can’t be the king with no ring.


8 thoughts on “Bron Bron Gets Snippy

  1. not the right thing to say. if i was in his shoes i wouldn’t have said it but at the same time i understand why he said it. he just alienated alot of people tho.

  2. I’m kinda glad he said it, people have been bashing on him. He was saying that bashing someone isn’t going to make your current situation any better and people have to remember that it’s a GAME. They act like he lost the war in Iraq or something.

  3. blah blah blah wah wah wah bitch bitch bitch. we may have normal lives but at least were happy and content with them. thats the obvious queen B answer that a girl would give if she didnt win the lil miss watermelon pagent. he cant get mad at the fans that he burned, just to get a ring mind you. our dosapointments are small and we can get over them bron bron lost the championship at his home court ha ha. i got a idea take away his crown and give him a prada bag and a pair of sickining pumps and he’ll be fine.

  4. I don’t care for the sport of basketball honestly. But his response was exactly what I would expect from someone with lots of money and fame who never really had any need to care about someone other than himself. I never really understood why their responses and point of views are so important? All that matters are the points at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Bron Bron will have two things to work on this off-season. First, learn how to score in the 4th quarter. Second, figure out what to do about his receding hair line. I had a receding hair line, and decided to shave my head. I grew a beard to distract from my big ears, got a tan (since my scalp was almost white), and I think I look pretty good. Lebron has a much bigger problem, and that is the dreaded ‘Old Man Face’. (see Greg Oden for another example). I’m 28, but I still get carded on those rare occassions when I drink. Hopefully Lebron can solve both problems by the fall. But whatever he does, don’t follow Jamie Fox’s example. Jamie had a normal hairline on ‘In Living Color,’ but now his hairline starts just above his eyebrows.

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