My Supervisor Had A Lot To Say About Me

i’m sure being an assistant to a baller wolf is different from one in corporate.
i learned most of my skills being one in a corporate setting.
all of that rubbed off on this new job position tho.
so my new supervisor sneaked up on me today……

i wasn’t doing anything crazy,
thank God,
but she definitely caught me by surprise.
as soon as she opened the door to come inside,
she was clapping and cheesing:

it looks so organized up here!”

well she did say “make it my own” so…
when i got there,
everything was a mess.
once i figured out how the floor works,
i made a few much needed changes.
i learned a lot of organizational skills being an assistant,
so i applied them to being a receptionist.
the energy is certainly more welcoming with all i did.

“well you are doing an excellent job.
there are no complaints about you.
thank God.
we haven’t been able to get someone to really handle this floor.”

after my supervisor left,
one of the vps came out to pick up a package.
the packages were all over the place.
i created a filing system where everything is organized by name.
she said:

“you run a very tight ship.
i like that.”

i love hearing stuff like that.
it lets me see all my hard work doesn’t go un-noticed.
since i’m doing so good,
no one bothers me.
this is the first time i’ve seen my supervisor since i started.
it’s been 2 weeks so far.
i don’t even talk to the other receptionists.
i mind my business and do me.
this job is more relaxed than other places i’ve worked.
i can breathe.
i don’t want to jinx anything,
but i really like this job.
i’ll probably get chose before my 6 months are up.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “My Supervisor Had A Lot To Say About Me”

  1. You being happy is the most important thing, and it seems like you have that at this new job, which is good. Proud of you!!!

  2. Keep it up J! A work ethic like that along with notice will make you permanent. Congrats!!!

    1. ^yes!
      i feel different now.
      i use to try and make sure i impress everyone.
      i don’t care as much now.

      “no more mr nice guy” really helped me.

  3. Proud of you…i started a job back May 1st with Penn Medicine here in Philly. However as time went on even though I was told my performance was good my hours were declining. So today another hospital I interviewed with in Philly, CHOP, offered me a full time overnight position doing the exact same thing. I know we’ve both been grinding and I’m proud of you. Secure the bag my brotha 💰💵💸

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