The Trans She Hyena Who Got Her Karma Wants Sympathy

karma has been really getting at folks faster these days.
i don’t know what’s been up in the universe,
but the effects of karma have been coming quick.
so dakota kern,
a trans she hyena is pictured above,
likes to fight.
she posted a video of her beating up a black vixen on her facebook:

the black vixen called her a “dude” and she told her stop.
that was august 12th.
on the 16th,
dakota was invited to a pool party.
it ended up being a set up.
that’s where she was jumped by 20 of that black vixen’s fam

well a 15 year old,
and two others,
got arrested and is being charged as a “hate crime”.
dakota posted this on her facebook:

so are we gonna put dakota behind bars for beating up that vixen too?
i’m just asking.
she put her paws on someone,
recorded it and put it online,
and her family came with the heat.
she jumped that vixen and dakota got the same 10 fold.
sounds like instant karma to me.
this could have been anyone,
or any sex or sexuality,
the same rules apply.
a hate crime?
i don’t think she was being jumped for being transsexual.
dakota isn’t really getting too much sympathy tho.
her comments ( x under that post ) are brutal.

lowkey: am i wrong for thinking this?

22 thoughts on “The Trans She Hyena Who Got Her Karma Wants Sympathy

  1. I call bullshyt on a the men on this thread that are okay with 20 people jumping on one person. Had it been the girl and her mama, cool. But to lure someone to a location for the express purpose of 20 people jumping on one is some punk ass shyt. I have lit into my students for that shyt, even when I personally felt like the kid they jumped deserved it (a thief stealing from kids just as poor as him).

    Karma didn’t “lure” the lil bitch that kept calling her a dude, so why lure her in against overwhelming odds. I have ABSOLUTELY no respect from plenty vs. one fights. If you ain’t got them hands don’t go looking for fucking troy me wit yo mouth.

  2. When are people going to stop glorifying fighting tho? The thing is, if you post a video of you beating someone up and the police get a hold of it, you can be charged.The video is proof that it happened. People need to just use common sense when it comes to this shit.

  3. I hope she got family. Best believe we would pull up on some niggas tryna jump me. Be a war out this bitch. Raggedy bitch shouldn’t have run off at the mouth.

  4. Well if you ain’t ready to fight keep your hands to yourself. Like we say back home a fight is forever, don’t ever think because you won this time it’s over. Nope be ready anytime anywhere. That’s why you don’t start it. I don’t think it’s a hate crime, i do think it’s not fairplay to call 20 people to beat her lol, but there is no rule here so… But the same thing would have happened if it was a cis-person. Yes the black girl was disrespectful calling her a dude but that’s life, we all get disrespected, for being african/black/gay/feminine you name it, that’s not a reason to start a fight. The whole story is a mess but the transgirl started it. I feel for her tho.

  5. I’m sorry but I don’t feel bad for the tranny. It’s common sense to know when you beat up someone, you best believe that someone is going to bring his or her friends or gang to whup your ass for revenge.

  6. in this situation there is no winner or loser. I do not feeling sorry for the transwomen.
    the way I look at it. if you hit someone first, you should be hit back. she also knew what she was doing when she posted it on social media..
    you do not pick how karma decide to pay you back..

  7. Fake outrage. Lite brights like her always got people ready to cape for them. Don’t get involved in no hoodrat shit unless you got the numbers to back it up just in case. Don’t matter how good your hands are, anybody can get jumped. I’ve seen this stuff before. Someone gets mad they got dragged in a 1 vs 1 then it escalates to jumping and then guns, from both sides. But… πŸΈβ˜•

  8. Being different in an environment where people don’t understand and don’t accept you sucks, however being called names does not give you license to put your hands on anyone.
    I don’t think the trans person deserved to be beat by the whole family, but she had some sort of retaliation coming, and if she didn’t know that, then let this be a lesson to her. You can’t do whatever you want and expect consequences.
    This is not a hate crime. She was not attacked because she is trans, she was attacked because she roughed up the wrong girl.
    Those adults that beat on this trans person should have more sense than to beat this trans girl and then post it online. They deserve what’s coming to them.

  9. Could’ve been shot.

    Take that ass whooping and move on.

    I’d definitely press charges on her for fighting that girl first if they want to press charges.

    Let us go to jail together for assault πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

    1. I agree with JAY. I was going to same thing.If those black girls are need to “be put behind bars” as they put it, then so does this individual. They got their karma. However…it’s not worth it for those who have been charged unless the trans gets charged too…

  10. The trans girl totally deserved it. You don’t beat someone up on social media and expect their family to not retaliate, ESPECIALLY when they view you as a whole man! FOH

  11. No this should not be charged as a hate crime. It’s an unfortunate situation, she beat up the young girl and in return she got her ass jumped, even though it’s not right it happens all the time. Keep your happens to yourself, big deal she called you a dude. When, your are a trans person sometimes you have to deal with alot of negativity from ignorant people, you can’t fight everyone from calling you a name?

    1. Pretty much…Straight dudes stay calling gay/bi men faggots and use gay always in a negative light in disgust. You don’t ever fight a straight dude unless he threatens you first. Then you beat his ass.

  12. Idk what to say about this. I kinda wanna sympathize with the trans-vixen but at the same time she beat up a female and broadcasted it online like it was cute and she got her azz tapped for it.

    I don’t care what trans-vixen think, they are born men and I may refer to them as either she/her or lady (even though I have my qualms about the whole sexuality thing, I respect trans to refer to them as she/her/Mrs..etc…However, the hetero community sees a confused “gay man in drag” beating up on a woman.

    Trans-vixens need tread carefully. She’s lucky to be alive. You already know how most blacks are about homosexuality in general. All that hate they have fuels them like a pack of rabid dogs in attack mode.

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