The Day I Really Saw It For Dave East

i been “so/so” on dave east.
i know he reps harlem and all,
and his music is good,
but i wasn’t sold on his “face”.
a lot of the foxholers been sending me pictures,
but i can’t help but think he looks like a wii “mii” character.

i take it as him not photographing well.
that all changed today tho.
i watched his “breakfast club” interview today at work…

…and i’ve decided he could is a snack.
a “bodega meat/11pm-3am” snack,
but a snack nonetheless.
he picks up really good in motion.
he isn’t handsome,
but he is sexy.
he looks rough.
like he would fuck you while smoking a black ‘n’ mild.

i hear the penis is a nice look too.
okay dave…

i’m interested.

lowkey: he is half dominican.
i can see it…
a lil.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “The Day I Really Saw It For Dave East”

  1. Dave East has always been hella attractive to me — even before he started receiving mainstream notoriety. When you see him interacting and engaging with his daughter, he becomes even more appealing! I’m not even into lightskin men & this man has turned me on from day one. I find him to be incredibly sexy. I don’t even care about him being naked. Fully clothed & killing it!

  2. Ya’ll can have him. And he REALLY turned me off with those grills on his teeth. Yuck!
    I didn’t know who he was, but I’ve seen his pics before. Didn’t know he was a rapper. I saw that he was messing with Christina Milian for a hot minute, so I looked him up on iTunes. Dude sound like every other rapper on the radio.
    It’s getting hard to distinguish who is who! Give me the 90s – 00s where everyone had their OWN sound and didn’t try to sound like the next one.

    1. I absolutely agree with your comments about him sounding like the entire sea of new rappers on top 40 radio. I downloaded his new album on Friday & only got through five tracks. Nothing distinguishable about his sound. BUT… homie still look GOOD😜

    2. Excuse me but “Every other Rapper On The Radio?!?” How so when he is not “Mumbling” like the rest of them?!?

      1. Yeah I caught BS on that comment too LOL! All these rappers are mumbling & sailing through with autotune (Young Thug, Lil Uzi, Travis Scott, MIGOS etc.) and Dave East actually RAPS and isn’t inaudible. He doesn’t sound like other rappers on top 40.

      2. Yep. Every other rapper, mumbler or not. From beats to lyrical flow…just like every other rapper on the radio. Like I said…give me the hip-hop artists from the 90s and 00s…at least they all had distinct styles. You like who you like, I like who I like…or not. No need to get all bent out of ain’t that serious.

  3. Not into light skin dudes but something bout the way he carries himself comes off as natural and straight forward.

  4. YES! I followed him after Tyra Banks shouted him out a few months back but I was even more attracted to him when I saw him in motion in this interview.. I like his voice, I like how his beard is groomed too. Not too wild and all over the place. AND he’s 6’3 too (just how I like em haha)

    He basically looks like a better looking version of the Game. Y’all go crazy of Jayceon so y’all can have him, give me Dave East over him anyday

    1. I honestly don’t really see it for Jayceon “The Game” Taylor. Like really what’s the kiki about him? He’s boring as fuck, he’s a thot thot, his clapback are cute, if he was a young teenage little girl or young ass blaque woman, but other than that i would give him a ten and a chop.

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