When A “Dro” Been WAITING For Them Cheeks

we all know a “dro”.
he is a character that is in one of my favorite shows,
“insecure” on hbo.
on the show…

dro is married,
but according to him,
he is in an open relationship.
this is what he told molly.
he lived next door to her.
he was trying to get with molly,
but after he told her his situation,
she was completely against it.
they have an obvious chemistry.
during a vulnerable moment in molly’s life,
it all slipped out the window.
she finally let him get some pum pum last night:

…and he fucked her absolutely stupid.
i want to be fucked like that.
we all know/knew a “dro”.
he is either:

 dl af
playing straight and married/in a relationship with a vixen
your friend you didn’t see like “that” but now you do
in a relationship with another male
someone we work with
a situation that makes him off limits

we know we shouldn’t fuck him,
but as soon as we give in,
he shows the fuck out and the sex be BOMB!!!!!!!!
AM I WRONG?!?!?!

Why is forbidden dick the best dick?

it’s almost like he been waiting patiently for you to give in.
the foxes know what i’m fontin’ about!
the wolf gives you that:


…all up in your walls death stroke.

we knew molly was gonna smash tho.
it was in the cards.
my thing is,
like most of us after

What’s next?

sometimes it:

works out and ya’ll soulmates
ruins everything
they get it and go ghost on you.

we fall into this traps and be in some fuck shit after.
dro is sexy af:

i would have fucked his 6’7 ass too.
i tend to like mess.

lowkey: daniel tho…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “When A “Dro” Been WAITING For Them Cheeks”

  1. Dro is all of 6’8″ and even though i’m 5’5” I’d have to find a way to make it work *for the culture* 😛 I felt so bad for Daniel though…I hope Issa and this stupid hoetation that she thinks she needs to do doesn’t cheat her out of something potentially good.

  2. I was so over Molly this episode. First, she not speaking up about being underpaid, then stringing the other guy (who she should be with) along, next her lil outburst towards her parents (whom clearly worked it), and finally giving in to temptation. She needs to go back to therapy. And Daniel can get all of IT. Issa has choices for once in her life.

  3. One minute, throwing a temper tantrum after finding out her dad cheated on her mom, but upset that they chose to work it out and stay together. The next minute, she’s fucking a married dude!!!

    1. @ Butter. lmfao, exactly. I was thinking the same thing. What a fucking hypocrite! lol

  4. As soon as molly got in that car with him I knew he was gonna smash. The forbidden dick can be great because of the anticipation of it but more time than most it leads to drama and mess. you have to ask yourself if the dick is worth it sometimes ( ALL THE TIME) sigh

    P.S. Dro can get it I have a thing for tall pineapples with deep voices.

  5. I’m sticking with Daniel, and hell I will even let the short big head dude that lives in Issa apartment complex smash too. Dro, is cute but he just doesn’t do it for me, I won’t lie those cheeks and stroke was nice. I knew Molly was going to let him get some, but it’s not going to turn out good. She has ruined her long term friendship with him now, and I guarantee she is going to be in her feelings and get hurt. It almost always turns out that way with forbidden peen.

    1. Yasssss! THAT FO-HEAD on that dude with Issa was massive like one of them Aliens from something on Alien Covenant!!!

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