I Finally Found Out Who Deon Long Is

drool much?
i been wondering who ^that was for a while now.
i’ll show you why soon.
the forces that be directed me to find out who he is.
he fell right down my tumblr with his name attached.
his name is deon long and he happens to be a baller wolf…

i’d love a piece of alla dat.
my bawdy is beyond ready.
here is deon’s dossier:


192 lbs
from: washington d.c
college: maryland
team: bc lions (canada)
position: wide receiver

good stats.
what got my attention about deon was this tho:

you know i love a wolf with a nice tail.
i remember seeing ^that pic and wanting a lead.


one more time:

imagine grabbing onto that to push him in deeper?
i’ll allow deon and my fantasies tonight.

lowkey: deon likes to break rules.
he was kicked off the rams for trying to ( x sneak a vixen in his room ).

my ratchet side doesn’t need to be smart.
we all just need him to make money and throw pipe.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “I Finally Found Out Who Deon Long Is”

  1. Hol up Jamari! Whose DL boyfriend is this?! Showing off his wolf cakes to other wolves in the forest! If he don’t go somewhere and sit his thotting ass down somewhere!

  2. “my ratchet side doesn’t need to be smart.
    we all just need him to make money and throw pipe.”

    Exactly!!! But I love that wolf’s ass!!

  3. Deon Long and Stefon Diggs. Those two were inseparable. Too bad Deon couldn’t stay in the league like Stefon, but at least he still getting paid in Canada.

  4. Hmm…. the whole is greater then the sum of its parts. I shouldn’t find him attractive, but somehow it all works.
    ….. those lips though…. makes me wanna just throw my… wait too much information, sorry.

    1. Feet is such a deal breaker for me too LMAO! We can’t be in the bed together and you got all them bunions and shit uh uh ! haha

  5. They try so hard to be hard…lol…who’s the ride or die Choklit in the car with him doing all the yappin’

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