When A Vixen Disrespects You, You Can Fight Her Since You’re Gay

…said not one member of the foxholer.
everyone meet “extra”.

the shoe fits?
so extra was having a problem.
he claims a vixen was talking reckless about him and his mama.
this is what he posted on twitter:

so he decided to go see her.
this is what happened next

with the cub in her lap tho?

if she was to call her wolf or male cousins,
he would scream “hate crime” if he got a good ass beating.
what he did was out of control.
if i was her,
i would go press charges and have his ass arrested.
put a nice restraining order on his ass for good measure too.
anything to fuck up his future goals and dreams.
i don’t play that shit.
i will sue the fuck outta you.

i’ve had fall outs with she-hyenas,
argued with a few,
but i never thought of fighting one.
i never wanted to send my hood home-vixens after them either.
i just ignore their asses like i never met em.
mi attacked me up in here,
but i made sure not to square up on her.
i think he got hit by me throwing off her punches.
i might be gay,
but i am not a vixen.
judging from how extra is:

he might have forgotten he is still a male.
it’s one thing to be feminine,
but to be putting paws on vixens cause they talking bout you?
grow the fuck up.

lowkey: if another gay male or stud lesbian fought him,
would that be considered a hate crime too?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

35 thoughts on “When A Vixen Disrespects You, You Can Fight Her Since You’re Gay”

  1. nah. dude was dead wrong. he is gone get what is coming to him. sis needs to go head and take this video down to the courthouse and press charges. let’s see if he is checking his nails and slapping folks in there.

  2. This was horrible. I am fem asf, but I would never put my hands on anyone. He needs to be arrested and charged for assault. This is not how all effeminate people act. We just do not. I could hardly stomach this.

  3. Wow…

    I see him getting his ass beat real soon. Can’t be running up on females like that, don’t know who got a crazy boyfriend, uncle, dad, or brother…

    1. Then his stupid ass be yelling homophobia and transphobia all up and down the timeline of some social media. SMH.

  4. Lol that’s not even her child. There’s another girl in the background saying “I know you didn’t just hit her while she’s holding my child.”

    AND STOP ASSUMING EVERY FEMENINE GUY “WANTS TO BE/THINKS” THEY’RE A GIRL! Just because they dress, act, walk, talk like a girl doesn’t mean they don’t recognize the dick between their legs!

    1. You don’t ever, ever, EVER say the word C*** in front or to a woman. That’s a no no. Plus, many British people say it all the time.

  5. Okay, okay, okay. I get it. I really do. My beef with this is that it is an EFFEMINATE GAY BLACK MAN HITTING A YOUNG BLACK MOTHER and her child is seeing this nonsense will make him homophobic. So therefore, there are two wrongs here.

    Secondly, these young chaps are that: CHAPS. They are immature, disrespectful, ugly, and a hot ass mess.

    Thirdly, we have enough hatred in the LGBT community especially in the black+Latino communities so why add more?

    Finally, “Extra” being that extra doesn’t help with the narrative about how we stop this hatred and madness. I know why: social media. It has created way too many problems and I’m tired of it. I’M REALLY REALLY REALLY TIRED OF IT!

    1. Well then fasten your seat belt. You’re gonna be tired of it for a long time.
      People want to be social media celebs and will do stupid shyt to get themselves noticed.
      The only way to get rid of it is to stop watching…but that’s not going to happen, especially in the hood.
      Interesting when you do things to denigrate yourself and others, you’re popular. Pick up a book and educate yourself, you’re a sell-out. We need to do better.

      1. That last sentence though!! Thought I was the only one who thought that way. I gave up on humanity a long time ago lol

  6. This thing, thinks it’s a woman, women talk shit all the time, especially black women, that doesn’t give any man the right to put hands on them. Had it been a guy sitting there, that thing wouldn’t have said nothing

  7. I must be the only one who doesn’t feel a kind of way LOL.. Talk shit get hit. NOW if he gets his ass whooped by one of her goons then he did that to himself. However, I don’t feel bad for the woman. So many women talk shit, especially in our community they feel a sense of security when it comes to demeaning gay men so hey it is what it is.

  8. I do not care what anyone says, he was a coward for putting his hands on her, especially in front of her son. Really? How much class does he lack? I am tired of these boys who think they can put their hands on women. Yet, when a man wants to throw hands, they wanna run and call it a hate crime.

  9. Yeah he’s one of those delusional feminine men that thinks he can roll up on women like he’s in the Bad Girls Club or some Vh1 show.

    I’d gladly pound his head into the pavement w/o even knowing the woman.

    Don’t let me find out some man, gay or straight, hit my sister or any woman I know with a child in her lap.

    I have no fucks to give. Violence can be therapeutic and frankly, I like to fight.

    1. ^to be fair,
      and so louis doesn’t spontaneously combust,
      anyone can be messy.
      feminine or masculine.
      in this particular video,
      this jackal happens to be feminine.

      1. Definitely a Breakfast Club “thats a hate crime lol” response. Louis was spot on. Men of all stripes are out here fighting women. How is this proof that feminine gay men arwle uniquely trash?

  10. THE FUCK?! Even the baby looked like bitch did you just call my momma a cunt?!

    I’m sorry I would’ve dropped that baby and reigned fury.

  11. I’ve gotten to the point where I see any violent exhange between black people, I report the video immediately. I don’t watch or support black on black violence.

  12. We can all agree that everything is wrong with that. Why him being gay or “extra” has anything to do with it? Why he can’t just be a ass without you pointing out that he’s gay a extra? And how do you he doesn’t considere himself as a man? Who and what define a man? There is a lot of straight masculine men out there fighting women, spitting on women, just google it. I don’t think you would write that they think they are women. Every single time you write about some feminine gay there is always that judgemental undertone.

    That story is simple an asshole fighting a woman with a child over some shit on twitter, him being gay feminie or “extra” ass nothing to do with anything.

    1. ^well louis he is feminine,
      his pictures show that,
      and his name on twitter is “EXTRA”.
      i didn’t name him extra.
      he did.

      if i’m lying with all the evidence presented,
      please let me know.
      don’t play me like some asshole,
      i get on EVERYONE who violates.
      masculine or feminine.

      1. Jamari please don’t play naive. It’s the same thing with the news when they just want to “point out the fact” that that criminal is muslim when there is no corrolation whatsoever. Yes he’s gay and feminine so what that has to do with him assaulting that woman? Where is the correlation? He’s not an ass because he feminie he’s one because that who he is, he would have been masculine he would still be an ass.

        “i didnโ€™t name him extra.
        he did.” That’s true but then >>>> “judging from how extra is:” then pics as “evidences”. You judge him extra you weren’t just using is twitter name

        You’re the one who made his gayness the reason for his behaviour not him “When A Vixen Disrespects You, You Can Fight Her Since Youโ€™re Gay”, he himself never said that.

        So you can keep “pointing out facts” like fox news always points out the religion or the ethny when is about muslim, black or hispanic. But at least own what you’re doing because that adds nothing to the conversation except some people who gonna be like “yeah that’s how those feminine gays are… that’s why i don’t hang out with them”, when again him being extra or feminine or even gay has nothing to do with this (if you want i can send you videos of very masculine guys fighting women). That guy is just a deplorable who needs to be in jail.

    2. Him being “extra and feminine” has everything to do with it. First of all, that is a real woman sitting in the chair with a child…He on the other hand is a MAN acting like a ratchet ass female, checking his nails and trying to be seen thinking he is being cute & serving justice.

      He looks a gawd damn fool & yes he is an asshole too …an extra “dramatic ratchet ass feminine” asshole of a man trying to portray a stylish and elegant woman but can’t distinguish class from crass.

      It would be one thing if he was fem and carried himself in a manner and talked to the woman about this matter privately…

      It’s another for him to act extra, video tape it and post online thinking it’s cute and classy.

      1. You are actually prooving my point, you’re equating being extra and feminine to being ratchet and classless. What i see is a man assaulting a woman with a baby, i don’t care if he does that in a femine way or a masculine way, the result is the same a man is assaulting a woman with a baby. So him being extra and feminine has nothing to with that. I know a lot of OVER EXTRA gay men, the most flamboyant thing you can imagine who would never conduct themselves like that, ever!!! And i’ve seen A LOT of video of over masculine men fighting women in all seriousness. They were not extra or just feminine or even gay, but the result was the same.

        Yes he looks a gawd damn fool i can’t agree more, but not because he acting feminine but because he’s a grown ass man trying to fight a woman with a baby over some twitter mess.

  13. I hate watching videos like this. When the black straight community watch videos like this, they say or write “see this is the reason why I hate (FAGS).” This dude doesn’t represent all gay men, a lot of us never would disrespect a female like this, and the nerve of him to hit her with her baby in her lap. If that was my sister he smacked like that. I would have the time of my life dragging his ass all up and down that house. She needs to press charges on his crazy ignorant ratchet ass.

  14. I was watching like not in front of her baby plz not in front of & then he hit her. Listen somebody will talk shit about you unless they putting hands on you ignore they asses/cut them out of your circle.

  15. I am a firm believer that if a woman hots you first you have every right to knock her lights out. I am not on of those women are special type people…God mad man and woman equal.

    Now regarding this video and the situation…I want to call him something but I’m not but if that would have been me…I would have dragged and beat that ass through that house and outside to the front yard AND DOWN THE SIDEWALK.

    I hope someone whoops his ass tho. Hell, I don’t even know the female and I want to whoops his ass..and he checking his nails like he some kind of woman.

    She needs to press charges. The proof is in the video..I’d press charges and have him locked up. Let’s see how bad he is in jail with folks that will hit back.

    1. Him checking his nails bothered me like usually people do that because they can’t be bothered yet here you are attacking her in her house with her baby on her lap because she was sneak dissing you? I don’t understand the logic

      1. I would’ve punched the sissy out of him and made him a man overnight! I’m sorry, but this type of behavior is not acceptable. I’m not bei….well I am, but I’m over the overly feminine gay black man who is young and affluent. It’s annoying and quite childish.

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