Shawn Is An “ON SITE” Kinda Wolf

there are certain wolves that if i see them,
and they got down like that,
all i’d say to myself is:


it wouldn’t even be a discussion.
sometimes you just want the “D” without the all the “doubt”.
you act like you wouldn’t.
everyone meet shawn
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Is Kendall Urijah Haley “One of DMV’s Finest”?

i love fine muscle wolves and especially ones with a purpose.
everyone can hit the gym,
but very few are actually doing something of interest.
much like their personalities.
everyone meet kendall urijah haley.
he is ^that wolf up there.
a foxholer sent me this video that i put up on the foxhole ig:

…and i got a comment he was “one of the dmv’s finest”.
well i wanted more of kendall,
so of course i got it…
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I Finally Found Out Who Deon Long Is

drool much?
i been wondering who ^that was for a while now.
i’ll show you why soon.
the forces that be directed me to find out who he is.
he fell right down my tumblr with his name attached.
his name is deon long and he happens to be a baller wolf…
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