Is Kendall Urijah Haley “One of DMV’s Finest”?

i love fine muscle wolves and especially ones with a purpose.
everyone can hit the gym,
but very few are actually doing something of interest.
much like their personalities.
everyone meet kendall urijah haley.
he is ^that wolf up there.
a foxholer sent me this video that i put up on the foxhole ig:

…and i got a comment he was “one of the dmv’s finest”.
well i wanted more of kendall,
so of course i got it…


kendall is not an attentionisto,
but a legit busy wolf.
he owns his own clothing line,
“faded ambition”:

that pink hoodie with the roses is what i need in my life.
his wolfie friend is sexy too.

i think the clothes look dope,
but what is super dope is “100 sleeping bags”.
this is what he put on the “gofundme” for this cause:

As the weather begins to change and the temperature starts to drop, millions of people are living without shelter. We would like to help as many people as possible by providing sleeping bags that will make the difference for those in need through this harsh season, and will be essential for survival. Our first goal is to raise $1750 to purchase 100 sleeping bags. Your donations will help us help those in need. Please Share!

here are some videos:

a fine and kind king…

i need a wolf like that.

kendall is definitely a star.
congrats to him on his new cub.
the mother is beautiful.

she doesn’t look stressed out so that’s a good sign.
some of these vixens,
and foxes,
look like the shit they put up with from these wolves.

i’ll allow it all from kendall tho.

visit: faded ambition | 100 sleeping bags

11 thoughts on “Is Kendall Urijah Haley “One of DMV’s Finest”?

  1. He’s cute but I seen way better looking guys at the Barbershops in SE DC, the metro trains, or the POFs in hood. His overall makeup as a young entrepreneur, community giving individual, and seemingly devoted partner makes him attractive than most to me.

  2. Glad to see he has other things going for him and not hellbent on being an attentionisto!

    The rose hoodie is $65.

  3. Jamari, you got that muscle man wolf He is a nice looking guy and his girl is very pretty too. She may not be stressed out but I bet cooty-kat is. I’m sure he breaks her off proper.

    Also, them rose jackets are somethin’ fiyah in my eyes. I want one of ’em. Hope he ain’t charging n arm and a leg for them.

    Also, are there any notable LGBTQ like him that anyone wants to throw on the table? Someone that is putting the community in a positive light?

    1. ^muscles are my fetish.
      i cum HARD to muscles.
      they can’t be on anymore corny tho.

      as far as noble “us”,
      it can be hard to find.
      im sure they out there tho.

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