This Is What I Look Like Without Makeup

i saw ^this vixen before.
it was like a couple months ago online.
her name is victoria katei,
an “beauty guru” attentionista,
and she was part of some “meme” tweet.
she took 50 pictures,
all of which looked amazing,
and she didn’t like any.
she is very photogenic.
the person who commented said “i wish i had those issues”.
we all know that struggle.
you spend an hour doing a photo shoot and one/two gets chosen.
the internet is at it once again.
in this social media world where perfectionism is often required,
any kind of flaw puts you at risk for technological siberia.
victoria’s real face,
the one without makeup,
was thrown up for the world to see.
the hyenas and jackals ate well because of it via “the daily mail”

A beauty influencer has been told to kill herself and was accused of lying about her looks after sharing selfies which show her with and without make-up. 

Victoria Katei, 19, who has 52,000 followers on Instagram, shared the two photographs last week after someone else posted one of her make-up free selfies online.  

Katei, who is also a chemistry student and lives in Houston, Texas, reposted it along with one of her signature made-up looks to address the trolls. 

‘Accounts have been posting pictures of me with make-up versus no make-up telling me I’m a catfish and that I’m hideous. 

‘People in the comments telling me to kill myself because I’m lying about my looks. Telling me that no one will love me because I’m so ugly and have to cover my “real face,”‘ she said.  

Katei hit back at claims from trolls that she was trying to ‘catfish’ her followers by posing as someone she was not, saying: ‘I love the way I look in makeup and out of makeup. 

‘I don’t wear makeup to hide or to “catfish” people because I don’t give a s**t what any guy or girl has to say about what I look.

Makeup is a passion of mine and this is the platform I choose to express that and if you don’t feel like that feel free to unfollow because I’m never going to apologize for being me.’  

Trolls feasted on the two photographs and some reposted it again. 

One Instagram user who shared the contrasting images wrote alongside it:

‘This the reason I got trust issues…for now on y’all females first date gonna be with me at a pool so I can see the real you,’ they added. 

Another said: ‘Make-up is one thing. This b**** created a mask.’ 

…and if she would have killed herself,
the narrative would have changed.

now i’ll be 100 with ya’ll…

She looks like two different people

with: light skin with green eyes
without: pretty brown skin regular
i can see where the “catfishing” talk would come in.
she is heavy with the make up,
but let’s not act like some of the other “beauty gurus” aren’t like this.
it’s not a global phenomenon actually.
i’ve literally gasped out loud at the “before” youtube tutorials.

crazy acne
severe dark circles/louie vuitton bags under eyes
dead looking skin

i had to wonder if these vixens are sleeping in their make up?
the attentionistos are getting in on it as well.
with filters and “facetune”,
we can tweak things here and there.
some of these folks get a brand new “pore-less” face,
but i won’t judge.
victoria looks like she has nice skin underneath it all tho.
she addressed her “skin color” on her ig:

she should switch it up sometimes tho.
hell everyone should.
be open to showing flaws to the world or a hyena/jackal will.
lowkey: there are a couple celebs who facetune their faces to hell.
guess which ones?
article cc: daily mail
see more of victoria: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “This Is What I Look Like Without Makeup”

  1. Who cares how light she is with make up on?? If she wanted to appear lightskinned, she would have bleached her whole body. You niggas are the only ones concerned with the shade of somebody’s fuckin skin. She looks gorgeous with and without makeup. I wouldn’t have explained myself to any of these bitches 😅

  2. I’ll bet $5 that the dude who wrote “this is why I got trust issues” is ugly af lol. He probably couldn’t pull her with or without makeup. Theyre always imagining that women and femmes live to trick them. All butthurt over a hypothetical situation that will never happen for him.

  3. Things like this make me feel better about only being attracted to men. No disrespect but the “package” of a woman today comes with so much deceit. The drag makeup that women are obsessed with these days, the waist shapers, spanks, breast pads and these damn WIGS.. Lord. I’m not trying to be mean but I cannot fathom what it must be like to sleep with somebody with all of that on them and then wake up next to them one day without it all… Maybe I don’t understand it because I’m attracted to men, but damn lol.

    And before anyone starts, I know there are men (particularly gay men) who wear wigs and shit to cover their alopecia, but most men don’t. I won’t even do anything with a dude who wears makeup so I won’t even speak on that.

    I already have to put up with the lies & bullshit that men do when it comes to them fucking around & just being hoes, the last thing I’m gonna need is a man deceiving me with his appearance.

  4. I was scared to click on this for min. but she a beautiful girl with and without make up. The only thing that was confusing me was why her make lighter then her real skin. Also I wish people stop saying to kill yourself. She better than me cause would said you go first then i go after.

  5. Its that makeup magic. There were a vid on Worldstar where some fat ugly chick was transformed by makeup and a good wig. That bitch literally exchanged her face. She looked like a completely different person. Makeup and hair weave give these Decepticons too much power. That includes some of them trannies. Sad to say, so many black women and girls are so far gone when it comes to the weave and now make up, that it fucks up their natural beauty.

  6. What Bryan said!! Intially that was my first question . And after taking a scroll through her insta , she is clearly using the wrong shade (and lowkey her chest scars look similar to the scars you get from bleaching) but people really took it too far telling her to kill herself . If that’s what she wants to present to the world then let her 😑😞

  7. The only concern i have, is how light the make-up is. She wants to say it matches her chest, but everyone knows your chest is usually much lighter compared to ur face or hands, because it gets little sun, and even then, in that video with her in the mirror that foundation is still lighter then her chest, face, hands, EVEYTHING! Point is, baby that aint ya color, if she’d jus get a much browner shade, she could get away with the amount

  8. Hell, I don’t see why people are all bent outta shape. I’m sure MANY of these ballers are disappointed in the chicks they chose once they see them without makeup caked on their faces. Lol

    That’s the problem with social media. Too much emphasis on looks…girls half dressed with makeup caked on their faces, dudes either steroided or in the gym too much and always emphasizing their bulges (pretending to try and show off their legs muscles). GTFOH

    On a daily basis, I see too many young girls wearing WAY too much makeup. The Indian girls are the worst, they cake so much on it’s like damn can you smile.

    I believe that is her. Makeup does WONDERS. I’ve seen the magic firsthand. Lol

    1. ^it’s all that contouring.
      making these vixens look like they went and got plastic surgery.
      make up should enhance and not make you look like got a whole new face.

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