The Emperor Has New Shoes (That He Can’t Afford)

when you live “the good life”,
money means nothing.
i can see why baller wolves of all kinds throw it around so freely.
even with that kind of money,
i’d still have a steady budget in place.
i’d want a legit accountant and financial advisor too.
i want to live luxuriously,
but not an idiot about it.
right now,
i’m “in-between blessings” and i hate every minute of it.
my co-worker tho…
he’s definitely living the “baller wolf life” way out his budget.
his life seems to revolve around two re-occurring bills…

his mama
his vixen

so much so,
they are both leaving him broke af.
everyday he comes into work,
he looks like he has a whole gorilla on his back.
when i first met him,
he was happy and looked like he wasn’t contemplating suicide.
he has gained a lot of weight and looks worn down.
all his fault tho.
he complains he has no money,
but every week has a story about a new expensive purchase.
he has been working overtime to keep both of those bills happy.
the vixen is pretty.
the typical “way outta my league” gold digger look.
i haven’t seen the mama.
he came in looking like his dog died.
so i asked him…

“did your dog just die or something?
why are you looking like this in my lobby?”

“i just bought a new car.”

for some,
they would be thrilled.
i couldn’t own a car in new yawk tho.
more power to those who do.
they can be my future uber rides.
back to him,
he looked like the new car is what ran over his dog.

“isn’t that a good thing?”

“i can’t afford it.”

“what kind of car is it?”

“2017 bmw.”

he apparently dipped into his savings to cover most of it.
he goes on to tell me how he won’t be driving it as much.
his mama and the new vixen will share it.
i know.
he goes on to tell me how he bought the vixen the new iphone x too.

“is she getting you anything for christmas?”

i did get myself a new pair of shoes tho.”

how much?”


in a past conversation,
he revealed that he is in 10 thousand dollars in credit card debt.
i couldn’t help but think he is a dumb ass.
he is cool,
but he must be depressed.
he represents many of us out there tho.
some do it to be liked on social media.
how many do we know trying to appear like they got it like that?
others have addictions to shopping.
i suffered from that one,
but i’ve gotten help.
either way,
i hope one day that my co worker can get his life in order.
if all this was making him happy then i could understand,
but i had to wonder…

Do some folks find happiness in making others happy before themselves?

he might be one of those folks.

10 thoughts on “The Emperor Has New Shoes (That He Can’t Afford)

  1. This fool is going into debt to save face for his mama and some pussy he may not have at the top of the new year. What the fuck! Damn, people pleaser. 2017 BMW, Im guessing thats a good 500 plus monthly payment not including full insurance and maintenance. He is better than me, bc I would fucking never. I bet he doesnt even have a mortgage.

    1. ^It’s all about appearances. You have guys driving around in BMWs, Mercedes, Jags, Acuras, Rang Rovers, etc., yet they still living in their parent’s home or with their girlfriend/baby mama. Now we all know some of them have pharmaceutical licenses, but others have pretty much blue-collar jobs. Struggling to maintain a lifestyle that you don’t have because you have warrants, child-support payments, or your check isn’t enough.

      We put too much emphasis on material objects and living in the moment, which isn’t a bad thing because you can’t take things with you when it’s your time to go, but it doesn’t mean that you need to live your live struggling unnecessarily. You see people walking around in $100+ sneakers, yet the clothes they have on are dirty, or the home the live in is critter infested. Can we say, Priorities?! I’m in a position to be able to buy nice things, but I don’t spend money like that. What are $100 Jordans going to do for me that a $50-$60 pair of sneakers won’t?! I know it will give me $40-$50 to buy something extra! Lol

      A lot of people don’t have the type of friends that will give them a “reality check”. They will chalk it up to that person being “jealous” of them. I’m glad I had people in my life who would talk me out of impulse buys. As I’ve gotten older I also realized that having “emergency funds” is essential, because I hear way too many people saying they’re broke or asking to borrow money, which is something I no longer do.

  2. I used to be that person. As long as everyone else around me/in my life was happy the amount I spent, what I couldn’t get myself, how I looked compared to them didn’t matter. I would literally give away new things I just bought myself if someone said they liked it or if they asked for it. Never got much of anything in return. Once I came to my senses and started doing for myself and putting me first; none of this people were around anymore. I really hope dude finds HIS happiness and stops this behavior

      1. @ Jamari… Hell yeah, And people like that NEVER appreciates what you do for them. All they can think about is, what do you have for me NOW!

      1. This story is similar to my uncle that died, who had multiple pensions, life insurance, and bank accounts. He would eventually have a stroke and was placed on life support and his wife of over 30 years took him off of it quickly and was left with multiple bank accounts that had over six figures, multiple life insurance, and one of his pension was passed onto her in his death. I felt so bad for him and realized that if he didn’t work so hard to please her that he would still be around and enjoy his life and his wealth. I realize that instead of trying to please others by monetary rewards etc., we have to start pleasing ourselves or else we may be the one to see an early grave.

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