a well behaved jamari often makes an impact

you never realize the impact you leave on people.
i know i don’t,
especially when it comes to co-workers.
i’ve learned they’ll be your “friend” when you’re there,
but as soon as you’re let go,
they’ll be on some “i don’t know her” in entire “mariah”.
when i got let go,
i sent an email to one of my co-workers to say goodbye the next day.
she didn’t respond so i put her in the “moving on” box.
the email i got today…

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We Might Need Some Mental Evaluations For Our Co Workers

i always joked that at my last job,
an ex employee was gonna come up in there and start shooting.
the way how they did some of us…
they better be glad we all sane.
you never know which one of your co workers is missing a screw.
everyone say goodbye to andre slocumn jr.
he is the wolf in the above picture.
he was murdered his his co worker tuesday morning in atlanta.
an f-bi sent in the story via wsb-tv
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The Emperor Has New Shoes (That He Can’t Afford)

when you live “the good life”,
money means nothing.
i can see why baller wolves of all kinds throw it around so freely.
even with that kind of money,
i’d still have a steady budget in place.
i’d want a legit accountant and financial advisor too.
i want to live luxuriously,
but not an idiot about it.
right now,
i’m “in-between blessings” and i hate every minute of it.
my co-worker tho…
he’s definitely living the “baller wolf life” way out his budget.
his life seems to revolve around two re-occurring bills…

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Remember Me?

something interesting happened last night i wanted to share.
it goes against my negative thoughts at times.
it also shows how God works in mysterious ways.
so the pretty vixen and i decided to go see “it” like i said.
since the film festival was at the movie theater,
it would kill 2 birds with one stone.
when we were buying the tickets

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f0xmail: From Married Wolf to Possible DL Virgin Wolf? Help!


Hey Jamari!

I recently got out of bed with a married wolf. I eventually grew tired of being second and things went left, but since then I’ve become a recluse. He brought my confidence all the way down. I don’t really go out anymore, I don’t seek relationships or friendships with anyone new, but then he showed up. My manager introduced me to a new coworker, A darker toned handsome mixed guy with a really nice body, . He seemed a bit young so I wasn’t that interested. I know I’m young too, (I’m 21 and he’s 19), but I tend to like women who are younger and men who are older. We didn’t really communicate in the first few months other than the occasional hello or goodbye until one of my coworkers pointed out something to me. He apparently got in his feelings everytime I would cut out conversations short. So I decided to just talk to him. He ended up inviting me to a party with his friends. As soon as we hit the door they started going in on him with gay jokes! He shrugged them off like he was used to them, which is a sad thing for his sexuality to be a joke but… anyway we smoked a bit and started talking. Apparently he was some kind of swimsuit model who didn’t think modeling was his aspiration in life. Took me by surprise since I didn’t think someone of his caliber, just like I thought with the married wolf, would be interested in me. For the first time in a long time someone actually took interest in me. After his buzz set in though he started to get freaky, like Hovering over me, standing with his crotch in my face while I’m sitting or he would start staring reallly hard at me. When I’d return the look he’d just smile. I ignored it, figuring I just couldn’t distinguish being comfortable with someone from someone hitting on me. We kept talking for SIX HOURS STRAIGHT! His friends retired to their bedrooms and went to sleep while we were up talking. Of course the topic came up about sex and he told me he was straight… and a virgin. I feel like I should’ve told him I was bisexual but I didn’t. He kept staring and adjusting himself while we were talking and looking at me to see if I had a reaction. I didn’t really give him one other than a couple half smiles so he calmed down a bit. His eyes were red and he was blowed at this point so I decided to go home. He offered me a place to sleep but I just called a cab and went home with some really mixed feelings, along with some concrete evidence from one of his friends that he’s bi. I don’t want someone airing out my business so I treat others the same. I feel there’s a real connection with him but I don’t want to end up left behind like before. Should I let him know how I feel and risk outing myself?

On a personal note, I really want to thank you Jamari. Your site helped me battle a lot of personal demons I didn’t even know I had until you showed them to me. Airing out some of your most personal thoughts in the hopes of touching at least one person is astounding to say the least. I hope, pray and wish you the best in everything and anything you want to accomplish.


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