f0xmail: From Married Wolf to Possible DL Virgin Wolf? Help!


Hey Jamari!

I recently got out of bed with a married wolf. I eventually grew tired of being second and things went left, but since then I’ve become a recluse. He brought my confidence all the way down. I don’t really go out anymore, I don’t seek relationships or friendships with anyone new, but then he showed up. My manager introduced me to a new coworker, A darker toned handsome mixed guy with a really nice body, . He seemed a bit young so I wasn’t that interested. I know I’m young too, (I’m 21 and he’s 19), but I tend to like women who are younger and men who are older. We didn’t really communicate in the first few months other than the occasional hello or goodbye until one of my coworkers pointed out something to me. He apparently got in his feelings everytime I would cut out conversations short. So I decided to just talk to him. He ended up inviting me to a party with his friends. As soon as we hit the door they started going in on him with gay jokes! He shrugged them off like he was used to them, which is a sad thing for his sexuality to be a joke but… anyway we smoked a bit and started talking. Apparently he was some kind of swimsuit model who didn’t think modeling was his aspiration in life. Took me by surprise since I didn’t think someone of his caliber, just like I thought with the married wolf, would be interested in me. For the first time in a long time someone actually took interest in me. After his buzz set in though he started to get freaky, like Hovering over me, standing with his crotch in my face while I’m sitting or he would start staring reallly hard at me. When I’d return the look he’d just smile. I ignored it, figuring I just couldn’t distinguish being comfortable with someone from someone hitting on me. We kept talking for SIX HOURS STRAIGHT! His friends retired to their bedrooms and went to sleep while we were up talking. Of course the topic came up about sex and he told me he was straight… and a virgin. I feel like I should’ve told him I was bisexual but I didn’t. He kept staring and adjusting himself while we were talking and looking at me to see if I had a reaction. I didn’t really give him one other than a couple half smiles so he calmed down a bit. His eyes were red and he was blowed at this point so I decided to go home. He offered me a place to sleep but I just called a cab and went home with some really mixed feelings, along with some concrete evidence from one of his friends that he’s bi. I don’t want someone airing out my business so I treat others the same. I feel there’s a real connection with him but I don’t want to end up left behind like before. Should I let him know how I feel and risk outing myself?

On a personal note, I really want to thank you Jamari. Your site helped me battle a lot of personal demons I didn’t even know I had until you showed them to me. Airing out some of your most personal thoughts in the hopes of touching at least one person is astounding to say the least. I hope, pray and wish you the best in everything and anything you want to accomplish.


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Remember Me?


so i was sitting at my desk this evening,
in the middle of some heavy online bullshitting,
when this older asian vixen walked into my boss office.
she looked familiar,
but i couldn’t place where i knew her from.
when she came out about 10 minutes later,
and i got a good look at her face,
i knew exactly who she was…
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f9cb7_tumblr_lkfd09xr2y1qfuje9o1_500well it happened,
and in a twist i definitely didn’t see coming…

f0xmail: I Want My Fine Co-Worker! Now! Now! NOW! Help!


“Hey Jay! I haven’t been as active on the site as I should. My book, school, n work has officially taken ova my life! I hope all is well at home and at the NEW JOB : )

 Ok, so I never believed in love at first sight. So I went into work today like regula degula shit. I get to the register and spoke to my female coworker and we was just catching up/talking shit. So I had to run down stairs to get something and JA.MAR.II, as I am walking I spot this FIONEEE ASS wolf they have as the stores greeter.
I was looking very good today, fresh cut beard shaped up and ALL and I saw him gazing at me. And I just blurted out “Hey, Wassup? How r u?” He responds “Hey. How are you doing”? Jamari I am shy but not bashful, but I’ve never met a guy who commanded a room without saying a word. It was like we erased everyone for a minute or at least I did.
He’s very short/my height 5’8-5’9
Lite tone
His hair is brown but his goatee is blonde
His weight is up >>>>
This Justin Combs meets Braylon Edwards
Back to topic he and I ended up working together alone in the room today. So I seized the opportunity to get acquainted. He’s 23, in college like me, drives, hasn’t mentioned a girlfriend, and seems like a all together nice dude. Calm soul. However I don’t know  if he’s down. His eye contact is awesome, he looks me directly in my eye. He smiles a lot, and he has the sexiest light voice. He and I both are masculine and he could very well think that I wanna be his homeboy. But I have more than that in mind.
I need some advice on how to get him to open up to me when were alone.
Idw feel this way about a straight guy you know…”



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Mr Popular, Where Are All Your Hoes Now?

“to the left, to the left”…

tumblr_m6gbj8YlOp1rul1syo1_400how true is that statement?
they say we are all replaceable.
the crazy part is,
people do not believe they are.
they think they will continue to be on top for ever.
worst when they are shittin on and using everybody.
some of you are talented enough to keep reinventing.
god has blessed you with “something” that keeps people interested.
you are talented so you don’t have to worry.
plus you are a good person and people can see that.
others depend on their looks,
or body parts.
“clocks a tickin’.”
when your time is up…

Are you okay with that?

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Remember The Straight Co-Worker Wolf With The Big Ol Butt Cheeks?

you guys remember this wolf?

remember 1
remember 2

i got an email asking me to post about him tonight.
que was trying to smash those butt cheeks to smithereens,
but he found out he is straight and likes snow vixens.
he seems very popular.
everyone is still trying to get into his butt cheeks.
he is still showing them off for the world…

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