f9cb7_tumblr_lkfd09xr2y1qfuje9o1_500well it happened,
and in a twist i definitely didn’t see coming…

as i was counting down the clock before i ran out the door,
because i wasn’t really feeling well all day,
i heard this commotion coming from around the corner.
rememberthat coworker wolf i mentioned couple entries back?
the one who texted me on my day off about speaking his mind?
well he was going off about something.

“i hate this fuckin’ place!
this is some bullshit.”

suddenly i heard liar liar also getting loud.
i couldn’t really make out what she was saying,
but all i heard him say was:

“naw fuck you you stupid ass bitch.
you are the main one who causes all the drama here.”


that was what i said under my breath.
well he was giving her them vocal pile drivers something terrible.
letting her have it.
she was holding her own as well.
i wouldn’t expect less from a hoodrat.
it got so bad,
my boss stormed out her office and headed towards the crime scene.
well a couple minutes later,
the wolf came up to my desk.

“they just fired me…”

oh god…”

liar liar,
as usual,
lied on him and he flipped on her.
he was over biting his tongue.
she has a way of riling people up.
i’m surprised no one has punched her the fuck out.
he was actually a really good worker too.
no issues besides this one.
it served me as a warning to be honest.
before he left,
he was mad,
but then he got over it real quick.
he was tired of the job and wanted to get fired.
unemployment vaca here he comes!
just in time for fall.
my boss came up to my desk shortly after with a pile of work.
liar liar and me will be sharing his work.


either i need to scheme this liar liar bitch out this job,
or i need to be next.
either or.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. Hold on because my spirit tells me that she’ll be next…smh people like that fail to realize you can be replaced and she’s acting irate like she owns the firm or something…smh is she related to one of the employers or is she screwing someone because as messy as she is her days should have long ended at that place of establishment…but you are blessed and no weapon formed you will thrive in this work place that kind of personality doesn’t last long in the work environment

  2. Who is this woman? Why does she have so much power over people and their emotions? Shit is crazy man. It is making me uncomfortable and I don’t even work there. As long as you keep your nose clean, you will be fine bro. Just pray about it and hope for the best is all I can say at this point.

  3. That’s not fair. If she started the mess, she should’ve been fired too. What kind of logic is that? Do they not take into consideration all of the times she’s gotten you called into the office and I’m sure your predecessor too. When there’s a problem and one person is involved in every single one of them. Clearly that one person must be the problem. It’s common sense.

  4. Can you get Unemployment Insurance if you are fired for “cause”? Is there a delay in UI for such reasons? Your fired former co-worker may soon find out. I hope that you got the contact information of your fired former. Since he’ll likely be looking for a job soon, he may be able to share with you job leads.

  5. I’m sorry to hear about your friend and I hope you can ask him what transpired. I feel for you Jamari, I work at a spa and slowly people are getting fired or leaving. Recently I’ve done resumes and feel like making moves myself. since I have a degree and feel like my work environment is curse I feel like I’m next myself.

  6. “Unemployment vaca” ? ” I need to be next” ? The devil is a liar! I know this great blogger whose work I follow closely. I should send you some of his posts from 2013. Unemployment may be a less attractive option than it seems.

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