I Can’t With Rihanna

tumblr_na836h4wQW1r6s10yo1_500there is a certain type of person who likes rihanna.
i guess i’m one of those kind of person.
i love her music and salute her hustle.
so when i found out rihanna was posing in the september w magazine with supermodel royalty,
naomi campbell and iman in full balmain threads,
i nearly fainted.
you can only imagine what happened when i saw the pics

BarneyFaintsi’m okay.
i’m okay.
no seriously.
i’m okay.





even creative director,
olivier rousteing,
had to join in on one of the shots.
i don’t blame him!
i mean who does rihanna think she is?!?!?
you put this chick in front a camera and she devours it.
she went toe to toe with two of the biggest black female models in the game.
end result = flawless victory.
something about her brings my inner stan out.
*hangs head in shame*
i know.
i am a rihanna stan.


lowkey: isn’t it amazing two black vixens are killin the game right now.
major props to beyonce and rihanna.
everything they touch turns to platinum.

lowkey2: can we talk also about how amazing naomi and iman look?
naomi is 44.
iman is 59.

i’m done.

photos courtesy of: w magazine

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “I Can’t With Rihanna”

  1. Can we, ummm, get a post on Olivier rousting? i just Googled him and WOW. he is something to want for Christmas. he’s not buff like most guys, but hes really attractive.

  2. Nice shots, I am not really a fan, but I will give credit where it is due. She fit in nice with Iman and Naomi.

  3. Sorry to rain on your parade but Rihanna is not killing the game. Nobody was here for “Pour It Up” or that noise collaboration her and Shakira called music. Y’all only stan for her because of her antics as of late. I think she’ll end up like Posh Spice. Not being known/remembered for her music but for her fashion and who she is married to.

    Iman and Naomi need to stop with the cheek implants. They’re looking way too plastic and fake. No one’s face is that sculptured unless they’re pure Native American or from deep in the African bush.

      1. ^^^^^Delusional Rih Rih stan. Now all of sudden everyone is on Rihanna’s clit because… ? I still have yet to see this so called major success her fans constantly talk about her having, translate to real life. I only ever hear about it on the internet from her stans. She has a moderate voice, generic songs akin to Katy, Ke$ha, Britney, etc… and she looks like a more put together Natalie Nunn. Where the fuck is all this delusion about her success, music, and looks coming from!?

        Seems like you’re all in love with the idea of Rihanna. I still have no clue what that idea is but the way you all nutted buckets when she showed her tits tells me that it’s her rebellious IDGAF nature.

    1. Bye pussy ass Beyonce Stan font, these silly queens and hoodrats stay hating on this chick….

      1. I don’t stan for Beyonce and I’m the furthest from a queen and hoodrat. You tried tho.

  4. Bow down

    If they had added Lupita to the shoot J would have had a fierceness related stroke due to rise in blood pressure.

  5. I know right! When I saw the pics today I was like homegirl can’t sing but, she sure knows how to make up for it. Go riri.

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