Well, I’m Sending Best Wishes To Naomi Campbell!

ya know,
i was all for queen naomi getting her bag with skepta.
i thought he was sexy too…
until i saw this video...
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When They Look Like They Fuck Each Other Morning, Noon, and Night

you ever seen two folks together and know their sex is bomb?
they are mutually blowing each other backs out.
everyone meet skepta.
he is a rapper wolf from england.
his eyes look crazy so that could mean he has stupid dick.
he’s allegedly dating a vixen that was just revealed on “british gq”.
check to see who it is…
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I’m Scared of Naomi Campbell

d191d2fbc3ec6fd39f0115dff3f8261fshe looks harmless,
so naomi campbell is the most beautiful and successful black model vixen.
she is a pioneer amogst black supermodels who paved the way for others.
well how can she strike fear in the hearts of others?
well ask tyra banks,
who happens to be another successful black model vixen.
tyra admits she is still “scared” of naomi campbell.
this is what she told rolling out magazine
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I Can’t With Rihanna

tumblr_na836h4wQW1r6s10yo1_500there is a certain type of person who likes rihanna.
i guess i’m one of those kind of person.
i love her music and salute her hustle.
so when i found out rihanna was posing in the september w magazine with supermodel royalty,
naomi campbell and iman in full balmain threads,
i nearly fainted.
you can only imagine what happened when i saw the pics
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