When They Look Like They Fuck Each Other Morning, Noon, and Night

you ever seen two folks together and know their sex is bomb?
they are mutually blowing each other backs out.
everyone meet skepta.
he is a rapper wolf from england.
his eyes look crazy so that could mean he has stupid dick.
he’s allegedly dating a vixen that was just revealed on “british gq”.
check to see who it is…

‘race, sex, love & power. when naomi met skepta.’…


“i’m naomi.
say naomi.
my coochie make you stronger say naomi…”

i can see it.
naomi use to date only million/billion-naires.
i guess she went down.

a wolf below your pay/social grade will fuck you until another dimension.
your hole will feel like a million suction cups on his dick.
it is what it is.
this probably won’t last tho,
but i’m sure the sex is…




i’m starting to get it.

11 thoughts on “When They Look Like They Fuck Each Other Morning, Noon, and Night

  1. I just want to say that I love the movie “Sprung” and Joe Torry had the phattest ass in movie

  2. I used to have such a crush on her until I saw a picture of her feet once. Killed the dream! LMAO

    That being said, the entry picture of him is nice. Not feeling the other ones though.
    And damn…his friend in the car with him is a cutie also!

    1. THIS!! Bad feet can COMPLETELY turn me off a person lol! I’ve come across some FINE ass men from the ankles up! Like perfect. And the moment they removed their socks I couldn’t get that image of their fucked up feet out my head. Take care of your feet people!

      1. ^a wolf i know legit has bunions and his feet curve because he insisted on wearing sneakers that were too tight.
        it made him instantly unattractive once he took his socks off in my crib one day

    1. Are you sure about that? Her body is nice and modeling is legendary. But take away all that make-up & extra hair, then that age appears. Beautification only by application.

      1. A legendary supermodel known to take a cell phone to the head of her employees…and I have never known a rapper to turndown tour puss….should be fun.

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