I’m Scared of Naomi Campbell

d191d2fbc3ec6fd39f0115dff3f8261fshe looks harmless,
so naomi campbell is the most beautiful and successful black model vixen.
she is a pioneer amogst black supermodels who paved the way for others.
well how can she strike fear in the hearts of others?
well ask tyra banks,
who happens to be another successful black model vixen.
tyra admits she is still “scared” of naomi campbell.
this is what she told rolling out magazine

Before Tyra Banks secured her place as one of the most sought after models of her time, the former “America’s Next Top Model” host tackled a few major obstacles, including her weight and a longtime rift with a fellow supermodel, Naomi Campbell.

In a new interview, alongside her Norwegian boyfriend, Erik Asla, the new mother opened up about her journey to the top — of the catwalk — including being declined by six Los Angeles modeling agencies before being accepted by the seventh, exclusively as a runway model.

I got to Paris, and it was very difficult. I did really well really fast, but then the industry was saying, ‘Oh, look out Naomi Campbell, here comes Tyra Banks! So Naomi Campbell, sit your butt down,’ ” Banks said during her appearance on Norwegian/Swedish talk show “Skavlan.” “It wasn’t fair to Naomi, but her response was … to this day, I’m very scared of her. It was very difficult — like some of my lowest times of my life — dealing with that.”

The pair eventually made up on Banks’ now-canceled talk show. “I cried like a baby,” she confessed.”



well you know what tho?
i won’t laugh at tyra.
sometimes you don’t know the effect you have on others.
there is someone that you did/said something to,
years ago,
and they are still traumatized from it.
they are blaming you for hurting them.
the same thing applies to you and what others have done to you.
i will say she already addressed the issue on her show.
if she is still scared of naomi,
someone she forgave and had that kumbaya moment with,
then she needs to seek some kind of help.
it’s time to really get over it tyra.

lowkey: from the rumors of how much a demon naomi use to be…

tumblr_inline_ngmzxhk2ix1qm0wjzi might probably be scared too.

article taken: rolling out

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “I’m Scared of Naomi Campbell”

  1. The longevity that Naomi enjoys in the fashion industry I personally is a combination of Naomi’s cutthroat attitude and her aligning herself with the House of Versace in her hayday (when Gianni was still alive). I think it was the industry that blew it out of proportion making it seem like there was only one spot for a talented black model. She’s just always been serious about her work whereas Tyra’s personality is fun and bubbly. I dislike fun and bubbly. Lol

    1. ^lol why?!
      fun and bubbly can be good.
      tyra is just cray.
      it’s weird because I heard tyra has an alleged bad attitude.
      i guess hurt people really do hurt people.

  2. Comin from Brooklyn, you know we can detect BS. Fun and bubbly people like that has always been fake or have ulterior motives. If I’ve guessed it about someone, I’ve yet to be wrong. Lol

  3. Tyra is so over dramatic, this situation happened between them in the early 90s, 20 + years ago, then made up 10 years ago. Come on Tyra let’s move on. I also find it hard to believe she is still afraid of Naomi, the way she yelled at the black girl on Americas Next Top Model, plus she is a successful business woman. Everyone knows that when you are a successful business person especially a woman sometimes you have to be considered a bitch to be successful and not taken advantage of. So I’m sure there plenty of people that is afraid of Tyra. Now, me being positive I will say Naomi and Tyra were and still are beautiful women, they tore the runways up back in their day. They are legends in their own right.

  4. Naomi was cutthroat in her heyday (90’s) and it was said that she was just as nasty as two other supermodels of that day, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington even though they tried to come off nice. Remember, back then if you were on top, there was only one way to go…and they were not trying to let anyone steal their bread and butter. LOL
    And they were the go-to models for everything, along with Cindy Crawford. They were EVERYWHERE.
    Tyra came along at the tail end of the 90’s and she did come across as phony. Even when she was on Fresh Prince she came across as having attitude, even though that was the character…it seemed very natural for her. Maybe Naomi saw or heard something Tyra said or did that we didn’t and had to check her. LOL

  5. You guys have to keep in mind Tyra was pretty young when she came across Naomi so it’s very possible that some of that bullying might’ve stuck with her because it happened in her formative years.

    I’m surprised Naomi fell for that white supremacist pit one black person against the other nonsense when she could’ve been a mentor to Tyra like she is to this day with these young, WHITE models. Maybe it’s because she isn’t American?

    In any event, my big question is what the hell did Naomi do to Tyra to have her scared to this day?Keep in mind she was likely dealing with the Coke head, no chill, Mike Tyson smashing Naomi back then so there’s no telling what happened.

  6. Please Naomi is only 4 yrs older than tyra it’s not like She was 30 and tyra 15. they were both young. And Tyra really need to let it go, like girl we heard again and again and again. And i hate her “i was the poor victim” attitude. They’re always 3 version of the story, she needs to cut the crap, she did nasty things too. naomi is so over all this mess she moved on and that’s what tyra needs to do, leave naomi name out of her mouth, especially if she’s still as scared as she pretends to be.

  7. Tyra has talked about how she was a bully and mean girl in elementary school.I wonder if any of the girls she bullied are still traumatized by the way she treated them? 😦
    If she is still afraid of Naomi maybe she needs to see a therapist and discuss this issue with him or her.

  8. Tyra needs to retire this story. she have been telling this story for so long to where people gets bore hearing her tell it over and over again.
    if you read model the ugly business of beautiful women and bad and beautiful inside the dazzling world of supermodels. these two books will give you in sight how Tyra vs Naomi all started. let me tell you how much Tyra want to paint herself as saint that she not.

  9. Damn, she is still scared. My thing is that so much time has passed that both of them should be over it. If I had a falling out with someone, time passing will cause the issue I have with them to diminish, but I still may not associate myself with them. There is no beef, I just don’t like you.

  10. Tyra Banks is just playing that victim role. She is legit crazy as fuck. Naomi’s crazy too [beating her maids with cell phones, always flipping out, damn near fighting a man on the plane for recording her while she was sleeping, etc] but at least she’s upfront with her crazy lmao. Modeling is competitive, so Tyra really should have bucked up and made Naomi hate her more. Stunt on her ass!

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