august alsina goes full ratchet virgo for his past entanglements

i thought the jada/august/entanglement storyline was over,
but nope,
it’s going for another round.
get it?
another round because they were havin’ sex?
okay i’ll stop.
so august alsina went full september for jada pinkett smith.
he said fucka red table talk,
let’s get in the studio.
he released a new track called “entanglements” with rick ross.
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“September” Comes For Tremaine in March

so is everyone coming for tremaine’s neck this era?
first it was nicki minaj a few weeks ago and now it’s august alsina.
it’s our friend “september” that we love so much.
apparently tremaine said something in his power 105.1 interview that ticked off september.

a vix-bi directed me to what september posted on his instagram
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The Ratchetness of August “September” Alsina Continues

august-alsina-550x592so i knew september was going to show up sooner or later.
oh thats august alsina‘s ratchet alter ego.
so he was involved in a little spat last night.
he performed at the “state of emergency” concert in st louis.
it was in honor of mike brown.
now see…
you already know spatting during a tribute is completely ghetto.
anyway due to sound issues during his set,
reports are saying he got into it with a promoter named “slim” backstage.
of course theshaderoom got the pictures and video…
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I Can’t With Rihanna

tumblr_na836h4wQW1r6s10yo1_500there is a certain type of person who likes rihanna.
i guess i’m one of those kind of person.
i love her music and salute her hustle.
so when i found out rihanna was posing in the september w magazine with supermodel royalty,
naomi campbell and iman in full balmain threads,
i nearly fainted.
you can only imagine what happened when i saw the pics
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August Alsina Having Another Ratchet Fit (Who Does His PR?)

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 12.24.20 PMaugust alsina and his inner ratchet named “september” strikes again.
so august decided to wear his deceased brother’s hat during a concert in little rock.
he decided to jump in the crowd to do some crowd surfing.
well someone in the wave decided to snatch the hat off his head.
all hell breaks loose and “september” quickly made an appearance
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Colin Kaepernick Bodied GQ. RG3 Who?

foxapprovedrg3 who?
colin kaepernick shares the cover with him on gq in september.
i guess they knew they needed another baller wolf guaranteed to sell covers.
colin is that baller wolf.
again i ask:
rg3 who????

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