August Alsina Having Another Ratchet Fit (Who Does His PR?)

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 12.24.20 PMaugust alsina and his inner ratchet named “september” strikes again.
so august decided to wear his deceased brother’s hat during a concert in little rock.
he decided to jump in the crowd to do some crowd surfing.
well someone in the wave decided to snatch the hat off his head.
all hell breaks loose and “september” quickly made an appearance

it then resulted in this:

there is something called “common sense”.
most book smart people don’t have common sense.
street smart people,
people like august alsina and even myself,
learned how to use our common sense to keep us out of trouble.
common sense would have told me,
if i was i that situation,
that i wouldn’t jump in a crowd with something valuable on me.
a winning scratch card.
a baller wolf’s number on a card.
a hat from my deceased brother.
although it was wrong for some hoodrat to take the hat,
august and september should have known better.
who does his pr?
i know i couldn’t.
well depending on the check…
and if i can punch him in this throat when september rises.
so what excuses are his fans going to drum up for him now?

tumblr_m5zy9zWHVf1qem6qulowkey: is this the “hat” in question:

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 12.45.02 PMthis looks like the fit he wore at the concert.
september let us know!
i’ll tell the f-bi to put an apb out.

videos courtesy of: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “August Alsina Having Another Ratchet Fit (Who Does His PR?)”

  1. August and his bad ass. Damn, he’s fine as hell. He is mad raw and he keeps it real. Love that dude man.

    I hope he got the hat back. However, he should not be wearing anything on stage that he is not prepared to lose. Fans tend to grab objects off performers and keep them as souvenirs. He’ll learn soon enough.

  2. He should have used his common sense. You shouldn’t wear something sentimental like that and stage dive knowing people out here are crazy. He could have just work it on stage and left it at that. He’s from the streets so you can’t expect for him to think rationally all the time as his first reaction. Not insulting his intelligence. I’m just saying….

  3. Just look at that pic…just look at the 2…..honestly do u expect any better? Here u have a illiterate thung, with some talent to sing, sudadently getting a lot of attention, who stupidly wears a personal artifact , jumps in a crowd and dont expect incidents like this can happen? Alsina will tell u he is toung so he is entitled to make gis own mistakes. Good. Make them. Pretty soon he will join his brother.

  4. hold up…most book smart people DOOOOO have common sense. Its the “street smart” people that mostly lack common sense…which is why they get scooped up and sent to prison in droves. trading years of your life for dime bags and shit.

  5. Well let’s say hello to Chris Brown #2. With spoiled brat temper tantrums and immature antics because he feels he has something to prove in his masculinity and for some reason he feels like he needs to constantly puff up his chest and display his macho way over the smallest of things. His arrogance and immaturity is a huge turn off. Means nothing when you are somewhat attractive on the outside yet you display the ugly you possess inside.

  6. People think I’m lying when I say it’s a lightskin superiority complex.

    All his tantrums and disrespect and people stay making excuses for him, while his dark skinned counterparts like Luke James stay getting slept on and they’ve been nothing but humble and better singers. Smh

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