“September” Comes For Tremaine in March

so is everyone coming for tremaine’s neck this era?
first it was nicki minaj a few weeks ago and now it’s august alsina.
it’s our friend “september” that we love so much.
apparently tremaine said something in his power 105.1 interview that ticked off september.

a vix-bi directed me to what september posted on his instagram

in which tremaine had no problem liking and showing up in his box:

as well as throwing some shade on his own ig:

one thing i’ve learned about tremaine is he is pretty consistent with his petty.
hate him or love him,
he will hurt your feelings if you come at him crazy.
does august even sing anymore?
all this beef,
but where is the music?
i feel like i know more about september’s antics than anything else.
i remember when tremaine and him was thick as thieves

What had happened?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on ““September” Comes For Tremaine in March”

  1. Tremaine does no wrongπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚…I never knew him and August had beef though (Then again, I really keep up with them except for when info is posted on this site..I better backtrack some posts). August is not attractive to me at all. I know he was big at one point or whatever though… IDK what to make of all this but I hope it’s settled. Is Trey Songz really goofy in person? I know he looks like a goofball in his HS photos. Perhaps one of those goofy freaks or whatever, I assume.

  2. August released three singles so far this year, but I don’t think anyone paid attention to him. Lol

    I’m starting to like Trey the more I see his personality.

  3. At this point they are both just eye candy and neither is popping on the music scene like they use to. At least Trey has actually been around for awhile and sold albums where as august has abt one hit song that I can name which btw is his debut single. Trey…Trey could have been a STAR excuse me a MEGA SUPERSTAR had he done what most blacks in the industry do and crossover to pop. I give him an A+ for consistency and staying true to him but it gets stale. It’s like k. Michelle, great artist but it sounds the same and quite frankly folks are bored. Trey will never NOT sell music but his figures won’t move like they use too unless he comes harder with something unique while staying true to him. Everyone hates Jason Derulo but you can’t help but sing those catchy ass pop dance songs. As for August hopefully he and his bf oops I mean bff Jaden stay close for the sake of being somewhat relevant aka Tyga’ing the situation. That’s all I gotta say don’t @ me yal. Luv yal and this site.

    1. ^i can dig this comment.

      i feel trey wants to be a crossover,
      but like you said,
      his music can’t go there because it’s still very r&b.
      i also think he doesn’t want to sell his soul either.

      1. I agree J^
        TRUST ME, MOST artists would crossover if they could. It brings in the popularity which means more chances of longevity & revenue.
        Example: Folks clown Nicki Minaj because she sings pop-type songs but in reality I think a lot of female rappers are jealous that they never had the crossover appeal like she does.
        Trey just doesn’t have it. Chris Brown had it but he tarnished his image so much it’s almost pointless at this point. August is kinda like a one trick pony when it comes to his music and his voice doesn’t fit pop music, I can’t imagine him doing pop-type songs.

        Jason Derulo started out doing pop singles so it was no surprise that he’s doing fine in that lane. When you start out with R&B it’s kinda tricky. Usher did it but not everyone can.

        It’s about having that “it” factor and having the ability to captivate people when it comes to listening to your music and with that you need versatility

    2. Trey is a one trick pony. He’s not even all that by R&B standards. Vocally Luke James would demolish him. Creatively Miguel kills.

      Now August Alsina fell off because Bryson Tiller slid right on in and did the same kind of music, except better. Trap Soul was really big for him

      1. Thank you sir, LUKE JAMES is a vocal beast. trey is just like selena gomez taylor swift and co, pretty face, can’t sing for shit.

  4. The “beef” between Trey and August is between their legs. Literally! Two big dick niggas can’t be friends if they’re always comparing sausages. August/September is mad because his music fell off once he took ill. To August/September, Trey mentioning his name in an interview about his new release is a dagger to the heart and ego. About the interview though–Trey is so arrogant that it’s ALMOST a turn off, but I’d still fuck with him. And did y’all catch that he was going to be signing records at Rough Trade in Brooklyn? πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ I damn near spit out my coffee! The irony! πŸ˜‚

  5. After watching the interview with him on the breakfast club i had no clue people saw him as a r&b thug. When did this happen?

  6. None of them can sing live anyway so they both irrelevant. Trey is kinda selling because he’s cute. Just like chris brown his music always sound the same, it’s just plain boring at this point. And i don’t know what happened to august, i kinda liked him. Anyway jay is making a trayvon martin doc.

  7. This fool has lost it. Nah, homie just killed the rest of his career…well what is left of it. Even though I am not a Nicki stan, people only listened to Bottoms Up because of her.

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